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Ivan, Jennifer and I ate some tasty sandwiches from a local cafe on October 10, 2009. 

We went to the Colosseum.  We bought tickets for the guided tour.  It’s a much shorter line and only costs a few Euros extra.

We met up with the group and our guide.  The guide was Italian.  She told us about the Colosseum. 


The Colosseum is nice, but it’s mostly in ruins.  It is amazing to imagine how big and beautiful it once was. 


Plus, it would have been cool to see the grand events that were held in the Colosseum.

We walked around the city.  We met up with couchsurfers Suzy and Max.  They took us walking around the city.  We saw a pretty church and a few cool fountains.


Suzy and Max took us to a bar (I don’t recall the name of it).  We went for apertif.  It’s a drink that’s taken before a meal.  This bar offers a buffet food as long as you order one drink.  The drinks were tasty.  We had some good food as well.  We chatted with Suzy and Max.

Then, we walked to another bar for more drinks.  Ivan and Jen had red wine while I had a banana juice.  We said good-bye and thanks to Suzy and Max.  It started raining.  We got a taxi to take us back to the apartment.



Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Best Western Arosa on October 8, 2009.  We went to Metro station.  We took a train to the train station.  Then, we got a bus to the airport.

We boarded a plane headed towards Rome, Italy.  It was a two hour flight.

Ivan was trying to find a taxi to the apartments we were staying at.  One guy said 50 Euros.  He said no to him.  Then, another guy said it would probably be 35-40 Euros.  We hopped inside his taxi.

The guy drove really fast.  He wasn’t sure where it was located.  He kept asking people.  He would talk to them forever.  Ivan told him to stop the meter since he kept wasting time.

We drove around for awhile.  The taxi driver kept asking directions, but he still couldn’t find the place. 

Finally, we arrived at the apartment.  The meter was 50 Euros.  The taxi driver said we could pay 40 Euros.  It’s nice to see an honest cab driver.

We checked in to Aurelia Vatican apartments.  It’s really nice inside with a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a flat screen tv.

Sam, the guy who runs the hotel, told us about different places we should visit while in Rome.  He’s very informative and nice.

We got a train into Rome.  Sam recommended a restaurant to us.  We went to El Brillo Palante for dinner.  Ivan and Jen shared a boring salad with cheese, pear and pine nuts.  It had too much rocket and not enough pear.  I had a banana pizza – it needed more bananas. 


Ivan and Jen shared a pesto pasta dish and a mushroom pizza.  It wasn’t really a good meal at all.

We walked to the Spanish steps.  It was a long way to walk up.  We chilled at the bottom of the steps for a few minutes.


Next, we walked to the Trevi Fountain.  It’s really big and pretty.

We walked to a posh ice cream place.  We all had a few scoops of ice cream.  It wasn’t anything special though.

Ivan, Jennifer and I got a taxi into the city on October 9, 2009.  We went to a cafe.  We were taking a tour through the Vatican today.  We met up with the group in the cafe.  We were given headphones and a receiver so we could hear our guide talk.

We walked to the Vatican.  The tour guide was very informative.  We walked so much. 


It was really beautiful inside. 


The artwork is just amazing. 


It’s definitely something you have to see in person to really appreciate it’s beauty.

We stopped in The Sistine Chapel.  It’s really dark inside.  There were tons of people inside.  It’s hard to see in there.  We thought it was really gorgeous.  You have to keep looking at the ceiling though -  so it hurts your neck a bit.  You’re not allowed to pictures, but people still do.  Unfortunately, Jennifer’s camera doesn’t take good low light pictures. 

Ivan and Jennifer went to check out St. Peter’s Basilica. 


It’s a gorgeous church.  It’s really big and contains impressive artwork inside. 


The Pieta is really lovely.  


It’s behind glass so it doesn’t get damaged.

Ivan and Jennifer bought some souvenirs.  Jennifer sent a postcard from the Vatican. 


She wanted to send one since the Vatican is it’s own country.

For dinner, we walked to Dino e Tony.  There’s no menu.  We just let the server know our food preferences.  Ivan and Jennifer got anti-pasto to start off with.  It was bread with cheese melted on top.  I had some bread with bananas on top.  Ivan and Jen had some red wine with their meal.  Next, Ivan and Jen had al dente pasta with mussels. 


I had pasta with chicken and bananas. 

The last dish was fried fish.  I had fried bananas.  The meal was delicious.  One of the owners gave Jennifer a present.  It’s a wood carved man with the name of the restaurant on it. 

We got the train back to the apartments.  We were tired from all the walking we did.


More Tapas

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to Casa Labra on October 7, 2009.  Ivan and Jen ordered cod croquettes and a glass of wine.  I had banana croquettes.  It was really yummy.


We walked around and did some shopping.

We stopped at Canas y Tapas for lunch.  Ivan and Jennifer were thinking about doing the menu of the day, but it didn’t seem worth it.  Also, there wasn’t much selection for menu of the day.  Ivan had a toastie with tuna and egg. 


Jennifer got one with prawns.  They also shared a plate of potato bravas. I got a banana and chicken toastie.  The food was average.

We walked to the Prado Museum.  We explored the artwork for an hour and a half.  There was a lot of pictures of Jesus in the museum. 

We went to the hotel to chill.

It started raining.  Ivan bought an umbrella.  It was a cold night.  We walked to the Tio Pepe sign.  We were going on a tapas tour called Adventurous Appetites.  We met the guide James at the bear statue.  The other three people were late since they were stuck in traffic.  We waited a few minutes and the three ladies arrived.

The tapas tour was really quite interesting. We got to eat quite a lot of different tasty tapas in many places.


We also found out that all along we had been ordering tapas the wrong way – you see you are meant to order a drink and then you get some free tapas with the drink..but if you order a drink and some food at the same time (as we had been doing) then they wont give you any free tapas!

We were sad that we were leaving the next day for Rome – as we would have liked to have visited some of those tapas bars again, because the food we got in them was so tasty!

At the end of the tour the guide suggested that we visit a jazz bar that was nearby. We did just that, walked into a really busy bar, and yet somehow managed to get a table right at the front in the center. The band were amazing..really hardcore jazz with amazing talent shown from all the band. I think we were definitely the only non-locals in there.



Ivan, Jennifer and I packed everything up on October 5, 2009.  We waited for the taxi we ordered.  The taxi was late since he couldn’t find the correct street.  The taxi drove us to the train station in Alicante.

The train seats were nice.  We had a comfortable journey.  It took us 3 1/2 hours to arrive in Madrid.

We got tickets for the Metro train.  It only costs 1 Euro per person. 

We checked in to the Best Western Arosa.  Our room was nice with a great view of the street below.

In Spain, they have a siesta at 2-5 pm.  A lot of shops and restaurants are closed at that time.  Ivan bought a few sandwiches from a shop nearby.  We chilled in the room for awhile.

We walked to El Castello Restaurant.  It’s a small little Spanish restaurant.  There’s only a few tables inside. 

There’s no menu.  The waiter tells you what’s available for the night.  Ivan told him that Ivan and Jennifer preferred no beef or pork and that I liked bananas and chicken. 

Ivan and Jennifer ordered avocado salad, fish croquettes, goats cheese fried in an eggroll wrapper and tuna. 


I had chicken and banana salad, banana fried in an eggroll wrapper and a banana and chicken kebab.  The food was great! 

Ivan and Jennifer wanted dessert.  They ordered a tasty chocolate fondant. 

We walked to bar Cock.  The bar was quiet and the drinks were expensive.  So, we walked back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Ivan, Jennifer and I walked around Madrid on October 6, 2009.  There’s lots of amazing buildings everywhere.  The buildings are really clean. 


We stopped by a traditional tapas bar.  Ivan and Jen had cod croquettes.  I had banana croquettes.  They were tasty!

We went to lunch at Meson Cinco Jotas.  We all ordered toasties.  I had bananas with a light banana sauce.  Ivan got smoked cod with an orange sauce (can’t recall the name).  Jennifer had tuna and peppers. Our server gave us a free plate of potato salad.

It was time for more walking.  We went shopping. 

We went to another tapas bar.  This time we had tasty shrimps in a garlic sauce. 


Ivan and Jennifer each had a glass of wine.  I had a banana juice.

Next, we went to Las Bravas.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered potato bravas and a glass of wine.  I had banana bravas. 

We walked around some more.  We walked back to the hotel for a siesta.  We rested for a bit.

That night, we walked to Cardamomo.  We were going to see flamenco dancing.  Ivan reserved seats on the phone yesterday.  We got there early.  Our table was in the front row.  We were happy to get great seats.  The food at Cardamomo is expensive.  A cheese plate cost 18 Euros! 


We walked to a local tapas bar down the street.  Ivan and Jennifer got cheese and a glass of sherry.  I had two bananas.

We went to another tapas bar nearby.  Ivan and Jennifer got a huge plate of potato bravas.

We went back to Cardamomo.  The flamenco show started.  There was a band playing.  It sounded really good.  There was a guy dancing first. 


He was really into it!  It seemed like he was in his own world.  A lady started dancing as well.  She was awesome! 


It was very cool being so close to the action.  The dancing was really amazing.  The dancers tap their feet to the music.  I don’t know how they do it so fast!  The show was wonderful. 

After the show, we wanted to get some food.  We walked to an Italian restaurant nearby. 


Ivan and Jennifer shared a delicious pizza with goats cheese, apple and caramelised onions.  They also got a nice black ravioli filled with cod.  I had banana tortellini.  The food was really good and cheap. 

We walked back to the hotel and called it a night.


Guardamar and Alicante

Ivan, Jennifer and I had some breakfast at the villa on October 3, 2009. 

Everybody got into the car.  Ivan’s dad drove us to Guardamar.  We walked around. 


We stopped at Restaurante Esplanda for lunch.  I had a banana pizza.  Ivan got had white tuna.  Jennifer ordered prawns in garlic.  The food was only average.

Ivan wanted to find an internet cafe.  Everybody used the internet.  It was the first time using it since arriving in Spain.  Ivan, Jen and I used it for a long time. 

We drove back to the villa.  Ivan, Neal, Jen and I played Trivial Pursuit.  Ivan won the game and I came in last place.  I don’t know much trivia unless it deals with bananas and monkeys.

Jennifer and I stayed to have a rest.  Everybody else went back to Guardamar.  Ivan used the internet.  They also stopped by the beach.  Neal went swimming.

That evening, we went to Torrevieja.  We had dinner at Restaurante Vegetariano.  Ivan and Jen started off with dips with pita bread.  Ivan’s parents ordered tasty parmesan bread.  Ivan and Jennifer shared eggplant dish for a starter. 


They shared a tangine for their main course.  I had a banana ziti.  The sangria was very tasty there.  Everybody shared the blueberry and apple crumble for dessert.  The food tasted excellent.  It was a great meal!

After dinner, we walked around.  We found a fairground.  Ivan, Jen, Neal and Ivan’s dad rode the bumper cars. 

We drove around Guardamar.  We were trying to find the 60’s music band that was playing.


We found it by the church.  It was Spanish 60’s music.  A lot of people were dancing.  We watched for a few minutes.  Then, we headed back to the villa to get some rest.

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up late on October 4, 2009. 

We took Neal to the airport.  He was flying back to London.  We changed to a smaller car at the airport.

We went to Alicante.  We went to La Terracita for lunch.  Ivan, Jennifer and Ivan’s mum shared some potato bravas.  Ivan and Jen each got a chicken sandwich.  I had a banana sandwich.  It was alright.

We saw some statues on the pier.  Ivan really thought one of the statues looked like Stewie from Family Guy.


We took a walk along the pier.  It is really pretty there. 


We saw a casino.  The weather was really nice out.  We wanted to have ice cream but we couldn’t find anything that looked good.

We drove back to the villa.  Everybody chilled for awhile.

We got in the car headed to the Vegetarian restaurant.  Ivan’s dad got mad at Ivan and he started headed back.  He dropped us off an area with a few restaurants in it. 

We ended up going to 222 Italian Restaurant.  Ivan and Jennifer shared a soup of the day.  It was weird and tasted like egg drop soup but the broth was really plain.  I had a great banana pizza. 


Ivan and Jennifer shared a onion and mushrooms pizza and ricotta cheese tortellini.  The food was very tasty.

Ivan’s dad picked us up and we headed back to the villa.  We’ve enjoyed our time with Ivan’s family.  Jennifer thought it was great being able to spend more time with them.



Ivan, Jennifer and I had breakfast in the villa cooked by Ivan’s mum on October 1, 2009. 

We drove to Ivan’s parents house nearby.  Ivan’s parents grabbed a few things that they had forgotten the night before.


We drove to a supermarket next.  We bought some food.  We drove around some.


Everybody had lunch at the house.  Ivan and Jen had veggie burgers.  They were lacking in flavor.  I cooked some tasty banana burgers.  They wanted some but I didn’t want to share.

Jennifer was a bit tired and took a nap.  I watched while Ivan, Neal and Ivan’s dad played Monopoly.  Neal won the game.

Ivan’s dad drove us to Torrevieja.  We walked along the seafront.  It was a nice walk with great views.  There’s a few cool statues as you walk by.


We got some ice cream and walked more.  We came upon some totem poles. 


They looked really nice, but we couldn’t read the story behind them since it was in Spanish. 

We drove to Giovanni for dinner.  It’s an Italian restaurant.  Ivan started off with a tomato soup.  Ivan got a salmon pasta which was really salty.  Jennifer ordered an aubergine and mozzarella pasta. 


I had a nice banana cannelloni.  The food was alright.  Our server wasn’t very nice to us.

Next, we went bowling.  We played one game.  Jennifer came in first and sadly I came in last.  We all played some arcade games.  Neal wanted to get a prize.  We kept getting more tickets.  Neal won a little ball.  We drove back to the villa.  We had a good day.

Ivan, Jennifer and I got ready for the day on October 2, 2009.  Everybody got into the car and we drove to Calpe.

We walked along the seafront.  We got lots of free samples of food and sangria at the restaurants we walked by.  They all want your business. 

Ivan thought the last restaurant looked good.  Ivan started off with sardines while Jennifer got mussels.  My dish was banana and fish kebabs.  Ivan got the hake while Jennifer got a big piece of sole. 


The fish were very plain.  It was an average meal.   

We walked to the beach. 


Everybody went into the water except me.  Ivan, Ivan’s parents and Jen played ball.  It was a round object that had velcro and the ball would stick to it.  It was good fun.

Ivan bought a bucket and spade.  He started building a sandcastle. 


Everybody then made their own sandcastle. However, the bucket wasn’t really that useful – the sand kept on getting stuck to the bottom of it, so the sandcastles turned out looking a bit pathetic.

We drove up to the rock. 


Neal wanted to climb it.  Ivan and Jennifer thought it was too hot to climb up.  Jennifer doesn’t like climbing since she has bad ankles.  Ivan, Jen, Ivan’s mum and I walked up to the viewpoint.  It’s pretty up there. 


Ivan’s dad and Neal disappeared on us.  They started walking up the rock.  We weren’t sure how long they would be.  We wanted to sit down.  Ivan wrote a note that we’d be at a cafe drinking tea and placed it on the car.  Hopefully, they would see it.

We walked to a cafe.  We had a cup of tea.  Ivan’s mum ordered a nice Bakewell tart.  Ivan headed back to the car to see if Neal and Ivan’s dad were back from their climb.

Ivan’s dad picked up me, Ivan’s mum and Jen.  Ivan’s mum saw an ad that there was a beer festival.  We saw signs but we weren’t sure of the location.  We drove around.  Ivan asked a few people and they tried to explain it.  We finally saw a sign pointing to it. 

We arrived at the German beer festival.  They were only serving one brand of beer.  Neal got a lager and Ivan and Jen got a glass of red wine. 

There was a good band on.  Ivan, Jen and Neal ate a pretzel.  Ivan and Jen tried the wheat beer.  Ivan’s parents left to drive around. 


We had fun at the festival.  Ivan and Jen really liked the smoked salmon rolls they were served.  I had a few banana rolls.  We bought some silly hats and wore them. 


I think they were made of wool – so it was hot wearing them.  Ivan’s mom came and said we should go.  It was a long drive back.  We wanted to stay.  But, we left early to head to the villa.


Indian Palace

Ivan, Jennifer and I walked to Jamie’s Italian for lunch on September 29, 2009.  It’s Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant located in Canary Wharf. There was a small queue (line) to get in.  The decor of the restaurant is nice. 

Ivan and Jennifer started off with the popcorn chickpeas.  It was boring and didn’t have much flavor.

I had an okay fettuccine alfredo with bananas.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the prawn linguine and the pumpkin ravioli.  They couldn’t really taste the prawns.  The meal was only average.  We thought it would be better since his Fifteen restaurant in Melbourne was really good.

We went to visit Ivan’s friend Jo.  We chatted for a while at his apartment.


He served us tea and biscuits.  Jo is a friendly guy.

We got the train to Harrod’s. 


It’s a huge department store.  It has really great decorations. 


There’s tons of expensive products to buy at the store like clothes, toys, dog items, perfume and food.

We got a bus to Fortnum and Mason.  We walked around checking out the chocolate, teas, biscuits, jams and cookies.

We walked to Chowki for dinner.  It’s an Indian restaurant.  I had a spicy banana curry with rice. 


Ivan got the mumbai fish.  Jennifer ordered the chicken madras.  It was really good food!

We went to see Ross Noble.  He’s an English comedian who lives in Australia.  He was very surreal.  He was funny though.  But, he was saying lots of English references so Jennifer and I didn’t understand a lot of things.

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Brittania International Hotel on September 30, 2009.  We stored our luggage with the bell desk.


We got a train to Buckingham Palace.  It’s only open to the public July through September.  We went to see the State Rooms.  It was really interesting.  The rooms are quite impressive.  We saw different rooms like dining rooms and sitting rooms with great art.  There’s a big room filled with gifts the Queen has received from her world travels.  It also showed some of the dresses she’s worn on those visits. We couldn’t take any pictures inside.

We picked up sandwiches at Mark & Spencers.  They didn’t really have much flavor. 

We grabbed our bags from the Brittania Hotel.

We took a train to Stratford.  Then, we got a bus to Stanstead Airport.  We met Ivan’s parents at the airport. 

We flew to Alicante, Spain.  It took 2 hours.

We met Ivan’s brother Neal at the airport.  He had taken the earlier flight into Alicante.  We drove to the villa in Rojales.  We unpacked our backpacks.

Ivan’s parents drove to their house nearby.  Ivan, Jen, Neal and I went to Happy Garden for dinner.  It’s a Chinese restaurant.  Ivan got a Tom Yum Soup.  I had noodles with bananas.  Jennifer had noodles with chicken.  Ivan and Jen also drank some average sangria.


A Festival and Comedy

Ivan, Jennifer and I went to the Regent Street Festival on September 27, 2009.  Ivan and Jen each had a veggie burger from a stand that was setting up selling vegetarian food.  I had a banana burger.  The burgers were so tasty!

We walked around a bit.  There’s rides and different booths.  We came upon a fashion show.  We watched for awhile. 


The models walked down in clothes from different companies like Nike, Primark and Gap.

I was happy to find some Happy Monkey smoothies. 


They tasted really good, but they were too small.  They’re made for children or small monkeys.

There was a booth with activities for kids.  It was time for hitting the pinata.  The host asked for fathers.  Ivan said he was a dad but his child was at home.  He’s never struck a pinata before and he wanted a go. 


He managed to knock off part of the pinata.

We had fun at the festival.  We walked so much though.

Ivan and Jen wanted a break.  We stopped at MOMO for tea.  Ivan and Jennifer also ordered hummus.

We walked to get tickets for the Comedy Store tonight.  We saved  some seats for us for the show later on, and then went to get some dinner.

We went to C&R for dinner.  I ordered the Nasi Goreng with bananas.


Ivan got the Mee Siam.  Jennifer got the Mee Goreng.  The food was alright.

We walked back to The Comedy Store.  The comedy is all improv.  It turned out to be a really funny show!

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of Novotel on September 28, 2009.  We took a train to Canary Wharf.

We checked in to the Brittania International Hotel.  The rooms are much better than Novotel.  We also had a great view of the docks.

We took a train to Westminster.  Jennifer wanted to go inside Westminster Abbey. 


We got our tickets to go inside.  Audio guides are provided for free.  It was interesting to hear about British royalty of the past.  The coronation of Kings and Queens take place at this church.  We saw many rooms filled with Kings and Queens who are buried here.  It was really nice inside.  Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the church.

Ivan wanted to get some wine.  We walked to the Wine Cellar.  It’s an amazing underground bunker.  The tables are in a dark room that’s only lit by candles on each table. 


Ivan and Jen each had a glass of chianti.  I had a banana juice. 

For dinner, we walked to Busaba Thai.  We met Ivan’s brother Neal there.  Ivan really loves this restaurant.  I can understand since the food is delicious here.  I had a spicy banana curry.  Ivan, Jen and Neal shared some fish cakes and roti for a starter. 


Ivan got the Geng Gari Gari while Jennifer got the green chicken curry.

Ivan, Jennifer, Neal and I went to the King Gong show at The Comedy Store.  It’s similar to the Gong Show.  The host picks three judges in the audience.  A person goes up to do his comedy act.  If the person is bad, the judge can hold up their card.  If all three judges hold up their card, the host will hit a gong and the person must step down.  If the person is actually good for 5 minutes, he’ll go to the next round.  Most of the people were really bad.  Some were actually good.  It does take guts to go on stage and perform comedy.  The people who managed to do their act without getting gonged off, came back for the final on the stage.  The audience claps for who they like.  It came down to two guys.  There was an English guy and a black guy.  The black guy was naturally funny.  But, the other guy won for some reason. 

We had a good day.  We headed back to the hotel for some rest.



Ivan, Jennifer and I packed everything up on September 25, 2009.  I said goodbye to my dad.  We took the train to London in the afternoon. 

We checked in to Novotel in the Docklands.  The room was alright, but nothing that great.

We went into the city.  Ivan and Jennifer had chocolate chip cookies from Marks & Spencers.  I had banana cookies.  The cookies were delicious!

We went shopping for awhile.  Ivan and Jennifer bought some clothes.

We met up with Ivan’s friend Andy and his girlfriend Elena.  We wanted to eat at C&R Cafe but there was a long wait.  Ivan knew of a place nearby. So, went to Soho Thai.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the fish cakes.  I had a mild banana curry with rice. 


Ivan had the jungle curry.  Jennifer ordered pad sieyu.  The food was quite tasty.  We all chatted in the noisy restaurant. 


We went back to the hotel to get some rest.

Ivan, Jennifer and I had the buffet breakfast in the hotel on September 26, 2009. 

We took the tube to the city.  We walked around a bit.

We went to Pret La Manger for lunch.  They make great sandwiches there.  Ivan and Jen each had a chicken and avocado sandwich.  I had a banana and chicken one, which was pretty tasty but a bit expensive (it cost 3 bananas to buy!).

It was time to see some theatre.  We went to see Sister Act. 


The musical turned out to be good.  The main lady was great to watch, and it had some really catchy songs in it.

We met up with Ivan’s brother Neal for dinner.  We went to La Tasca.  It was a busy night in the restaurant, and we had to wait a little while to get a table.  We enjoyed the tasty tapas.  Ivan, Jen and Neal had some sangria. 



I worked on the blog more on September 23, 2009.  I spent lots of time with my dad as well. He was pleased to see that Jennifer had done lots of home schooling with me while I was on the road. I am still waiting for the right time to ask him if I can go to Africa with Ivan.

We had lunch at the house cooked by Ivan’s mum.  I shared a banana salad with my dad.

Jennifer wasn’t feeling well so she stayed at the house.  I chilled with my dad.  Ivan went into the city with his parents.

For dinner, we went to La Tasca.  We ordered lots of tapas.  My dad and I had banana and chicken croquettes and a banana salad. 


Ivan and Jen really liked the salmon, prawns, garlic mushrooms and the aubergine.  It was really great food!

Ivan, Jennifer and I had cereal for breakfast on September 24, 2009. 

I hung out with my dad for awhile.  I worked on the blog.  Ivan and Jennifer used the internet.

We had lunch at the house cooked by Ivan’s mum.  It was banana salad, stuffed mushrooms, quorn, corn and holler bread.  It was nice.

Ivan’s dad drove us to The Harvester for dinner.  Ivan had the chicken breast.  I had grilled bananas.  Jennifer had the whole wheat pasta with blackened chicken.  The food tasted okay.

Ivan and Jennifer played more Wii.  I talked with my dad more about the trip and what he’s been doing lately.

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