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Water Bom

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Mercure Convention Center Ancol on June 10, 2009.

We got a taxi to the Ibis Hotel Arcadia, which was back in the centre of Jakarta. We checked in to the hotel. 

I worked on the blog in the room.  Ivan went to the mall.  Jennifer rested in the room. 

Jennifer I went to eat at the coffee shop in the hotel.  I had noodles with bananas. 


Jennifer got the Nasi Goreng Seafood.  The food was alright.

I worked on the blog more.  Jennifer uploaded pictures to Flickr. 

Ivan went out with an old friend from the Everest trek.  They went to Cafe Batavia.  He had shrimp dumplings and Nasi Goreng.  He also was driven around Jakarta.

Jennifer and I ordered room service for dinner.  I had rice with chicken and bananas while Jennifer got spaghetti carbonara.  The food was okay.

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Ibis Hotel Arcadia on June 11, 2009.  We checked in to the Luxe Hotel across the street, which was slightly cheaper and had rooms available unlike the Ibis which was full that evening.

We took a taxi headed to Water Bom, a water park.  The taxi driver got lost, and at one point we were driving through a small village which had a flood – the water was almost as high as the doors of the taxi! We all agreed that this is probably not the correct way to get to the waterpark. Once we eventually arrived, we brought our tickets and went in. I was reading and chilling out in the sun.  I don’t really like swimming too much.  Ivan and Jennifer rode most of the rides there.  There’s actually not that many rides available as its quite new.  The park provides big floating rings for people for one or two people.  Ivan and Jennifer were walking around the Lazy River.  The lifeguards told them they needed the floating rings.  They didn’t understand why they couldn’t just walk or swim around the Lazy River.  We had a good time at the water park.

We got a taxi back to the hotel.

We hopped in to a taxi.  We were having dinner at The Apartment.  It’s designed like it’s a man’s apartment.  There’s the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, patio, and a library.  There’s real items in each room.  In the Bathroom, there was a shower, sink, towels and a robe.  We were seated in The Bathroom.  It’s a great, unique concept. 


The menu is printed like a newspaper.  Ivan got the salmon pasta.  I ordered the banana marinara. 


Jennifer got the penne pasta chicken.  Ivan had a bathroom drink and Jennifer had the library drink.  The food was good. 



We went to check out the other rooms.  There’s even a car right outside of the restaurant.  We got the bill – the holder looks like a letter. 


What a cool place!  The employees at The Apartment were very friendly – they all wear pajamas as their uniform!


We got a taxi to Red Square.  Ivan and Jennifer got a drink.


Jennifer’s drink was a Watermelon Mojito.  The drinks were tasty.  The music was nice. 

We took a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe.  Ivan wanted to check out some live music.  It was really loud.  The band was good.  They sang lots of different songs like YMCA, Creep by Radiohead, Come on Eileen, Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode and Take on Me by A-ha.  Ivan thought that they murdered I Want to Break Free by Queen though.  We had a good night.


Great Teppanyaki

Ivan, Jennifer and I had the buffet breakfast at the Crowne Plaza on June 8, 2009. After brekkie, we checked out of the Crowne Plaza. 

We took a taxi to Ancol, which is an area not far from the centre of Jakarta that contains lots of leisure activities, and where we had decided to spend a couple of days.  We checked in to the Mercure Convention Center Ancol. I flashed my monkey discount card and got us an upgrade to a nice sea view deluxe room.

Jennifer was really tired.  She took a 2 hour nap.  Ivan worked on his blog.  I watched cartoons on tv.

We had a late lunch at the coffee shop in the hotel.  Ivan had a soup with fish while Jennifer got a Thai Fried Rice. 


I had a nice banana and peanut butter sandwich.  The food was good.

We walked around Ancol.  There’s a theme park, beach and small water park in Ancol. 

We chilled in the room for awhile.


We went to Shiosai for dinner.  It’s a Japanese restaurant.  We decided to have teppanyaki. 


Ivan and Jennifer started off with the hot tofu with mushrooms and onions – which was in a soup. 


Ivan ordered the salmon while Jennifer got the spring chicken.  I decided to order a dish with rice and chicken teriyaki – I added some banana to it.  Ivan and Jennifer got edamame and a small salad that came with their meal. 


The chef cooked up Ivan and Jennifer’s dishes on the teppanyaki grill.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a glass of Indonesian wine.  The dishes come with vegetables as well.  Jennifer’s chicken was really good and came with pineapple.  The food tasted great, and it was really cheap also – only about 6 dollars for the chicken and 8 dollars for the salmon.

Ivan, Jennifer and I had breakfast at the coffee shop in the hotel on June 9, 2009.  Ivan had a vegetable omelette while Jennifer had a plain omelette. 


Jennifer also ordered a yummy strawberry juice.  I had a noodle dish with bananas and a banana juice.  The food was good.

We walked to the Ancol Dreamland.  Jennifer still wasn’t feeling good.  She decided to go back to the hotel room.  Ivan and I rode some rides. 


There weren’t that many rides there – but at least it was quiet and so there was no line for the rides. The most fun ride was the Tornado – one of those rides that twists you up and down while you are really high up in the air. I didn’t ride it, and was happy to watch Ivan as he had fun on it.

‘There’s was one ride that is almost exactly like “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland – with almost the same music and very similar theme.  It’s no wonder that some people say that Disney has sued this place!

After the visit to the theme park, Ivan went to the gym for a little while, which was next to the hotel.

We went to Shiosai again for teppanyaki dinner. 


Ivan and Jennifer started off with the tofu with ice cubes and mushrooms and onions.  I ordered the same dish of chicken teriyaki, rice and bananas. 

Spring Chicken

Ivan and Jennifer both ordered the spring chicken.  The food was great again.



Ivan and I had the breakfast buffet on June 6, 2009.  Ivan brought Jennifer a plate of food.  She wasn’t feeling so good.

Jennifer went back to sleep after eating breakfast.  Ivan worked on his blog while Jennifer was sleeping. I read one of my monkey books, by the hotel swimming pool.

Afterwards, Ivan went shopping at the Plaza Semmangi.  I worked on the blog with Jennifer.


Jennifer ordered noodles with shrimp and chicken and a strawberry shake from Room Service.  I ordered banana fritters.  The food was fantastic!

Ivan went to meet up with a couchsurfer named Yogi.  Yogi picked him up in the lobby.  He met his family and they fed him local Indonesian food.  He ate a lot.  Yogi and his family are very friendly.

Ivan came back to the hotel.  He said that he was meeting up with Yogi later on.  Yogi had saved some chicken and tofu for Jennifer.

We got ready to go out.  Yogi and his wife picked us up at 9:20 pm.  We were driving to FX Plaza mall.  The traffic in Jakarta is so bad.  There’s no monorail or subway in Jakarta.  It took us almost an hour to arrive.  We were meeting Yogi’s friends at Starbucks.  Everybody sat down for a little while.


Ivan saw a big slide while walking through the mall.  Ivan wanted to ride the slide, as he has never been on such a long slide before, inside a shopping mall. Jennifer had a headache and didn’t feel like riding.  I just wanted to watch Ivan.  Ivan liked the slide but his knees kept getting hit on the plastic cover of the slide.  It only lasted 9 seconds, but Ivan said it was still really fun as it was so high – it went from the 9th floor of the mall all the way down to the bottom!

We went back to Starbucks.  Jennifer had a headache.  One of the girls gave her some headache medicine.


We headed to the bar Indochine.  One of the girls ordered a pitcher of drinks.


It was some green liquid, which tasted really strange. I had a banana juice which was yellow liquid and tasted great!  Ivan and Jennifer didn’t like their drink – it tasted like mouthwash.  The music was really loud.  Ivan was talking to a guy from New Zealand who’s currently living in Jakarta.  Jennifer didn’t feel good and decided to go back.  She got a taxi back to the Crowne Plaza.

Jennifer uploaded some photos to Flickr.  Ivan went to the Ritz Carlton after the club.  There was a great Canadian band playing at Mistere.

Ivan, Jennifer and I walked to Plaza Semanggi mall on June 7, 2009.  We had lunch at American Grill.   Ivan had the spicy fish while Jennifer had the spicy chicken.


I got chicken and banana skewers.  The entrees came with the salad bar, soup and dessert.  Ivan and I liked our dishes, but Jennifer thought hers was just okay.

We shopped a little in the mall.

I worked on the blog in the room.  Ivan went back to the mall as he was trying to buy an internet broadband subscription.

We went to the Japanese restaurant Akane in the Crowne Plaza.


We got our own private cubicle.  I ordered a chicken teriyaki with banana and rice dish.  Ivan got the grilled salmon set while Jennifer got the chicken teriyaki set.


The sets come with a cold green tea, miso soup, tofu, noodles and a fish ball.  The food was pretty good.

We went back to the room and soon went to bed.


Last Day in KL

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Tune Hotel on June 5, 2009.  The check-out time is 10 am – that’s way too early.  We checked out of the Tune Hotel.  We stored our backpacks at the storage area.  Jennifer started feeling sick as well.

We walked to the mall.  We decided to have lunch.  Ivan had a tuna sandwich while Jennifer had a chicken and mushroom hotplate. 


I had a nice banana and honey sandwich. 

We took a taxi to the Times Square mall.  We went shopping for awhile. We went to check out what movies were playing.  Aliens vs. Monsters wasn’t on for few hours.  So, Ivan and Jennifer decided to watch Terminator: Salvation. I watched the Jungle Book on Ivan’s iPod.  Ivan thought the movie was really boring so he took a nap.  Jennifer thought it was slow.

We used the internet back in the hotel.  We ordered Subway to go.  I got a roasted chicken and banana sandwich.  Ivan got a chicken teriyaki while Jen got a roasted chicken sandwich. 

We got a taxi.  We ate our sandwiches in the car on the way to the airport.

We checked in to our flight.  We got to the gate.  Ivan and Jennifer used the internet.  Ivan found out that the plane hadn’t arrived yet.  We would leave an hour later than scheduled. 

We left around 9:50 pm headed towards Jakarta, Indonesia.  It sucks being stuck in a backpack on a long flight.  Good thing I get to listen to some tunes in there or watch something on Jen’s iPod.  I can’t get caught on the plane or it might cause some trouble.  We arrived at 11:30 pm.  The time zone is an hour behind compared to Malaysia.

We took a taxi to the airport.  It only took about 30 minutes.  We checked in to the Crowne Plaza.  Ivan and Jennifer had some tea.  Then, we all went to sleep.


French, Italian Food and Sushi in KL

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Tanahmas Hotel on June 3, 2009.  Ivan was feeling sick – he had a sore throat and a cough.

We took a taxi to the airport.


Our plane left at 9:15 am going to KL (Kuala Lumpur).  We arrived at 11:05 am. 

We got a taxi to our hotel.  We checked in to the Tune Hotel. 


The Tune Hotel is a budget hotel.  You add on the things you need like air-conditioning, towels and internet.  We were so happy to see a Subway and a 7-11 on the ground floor right near the lobby.  The floors are sponsored by a company.  So, when you get off your floor, there’s a big ad on the wall.  There’s also a Mister Potato ad in the elevator.

We put our backpacks in the room.  The room is rather small but very clean.  There’s even ads in the rooms.  One was for McDonald’s. 

We had lunch at the Subway in the hotel.  Ivan had a tuna sandwich while Jen had a roasted chicken sandwich.  I had a nice roasted chicken and banana sandwich.  It was tasty.

Ivan used the internet in the room.

We walked across the street to the Post Office.  Jennifer had some things to send home.  The Post Office was out of boxes.  We went to two malls looking for boxes and envelopes to buy.  We finally found some at the SOGO Mall which is nearby our hotel.

We took a taxi to Cafe Cafe for dinner.  It’s a restaurant that serves French and Italian food.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with a salad with rocket, pears, parmesan and roasted nuts.  It was a simple dish, but not too filling.  I got the grilled chicken with bananas for a side.  Ivan and Jennifer each got a glass of red wine. 


Ivan ordered the salmon fillet while Jen got the risotto with parmigianno and balsamic vinegar.  The food was tasty!  Ivan and Jennifer ordered the chocolate tart for dessert. 


They thought it was heavenly.

We went to the post office on June 4, 2009.  Jennifer mailed some packages. 


We took the monorail.  We walked to the Sungei Wang mall.  The last time we were here, Jennifer bought a creepy doll shirt here.  She bought three more this time. 


She thinks the dolls look creepy, but still think they’re cute.  This mall has very unique stores.  Not many name brand stores here at all.

We rested at the hotel for awhile.  Ivan went to the SOGO mall.

We took a taxi to Saisaki Japanese Buffet.  We walked inside and it was so crowded inside.  We grabbed some sushi.  There wasn’t much selection probably since it was so busy.  I’m glad I was able to order banana sushi.  You could also order hand roll like salmon, which Jennifer enjoyed a lot. 


Unfortunately, they ran out of tuna.  It was so noisy in the restaurant.  The food was good, but not much sushi selection like our previous two visits there.

It was muggy outside.  We walked back to the hotel.  Ivan thought it would be a good idea to walk off the sushi.  We chilled at the hotel and then later went to bed.


Sushi in Sibu

Ivan, Jennifer and I were waken up by Joshua on June 1, 2009.  He told us that we would be leaving at 10 am.  We had 20 minutes to get ready.  We packed our backpacks up.

We walked across the bridge to the parking lot.  It took a few minutes for Joshua to arrive.  The mini-bus took us to Kapit.  We arrived at 10:35 am right near the pier.  Ivan bought tickets for us.  The next ferry was leaving at 11:30 am. 

We decided to find some breakfast.  We sat down at the Kiew Ming Cafe.  Ivan and Jennifer had boiled eggs, toast and tea.  I had bananas on toast.


We got the VIP tickets for the boat.  The boat was empty. The VIP room had air-conditioning and a flat-screen tv playing a movie.  Ivan and Jennifer watched Bangkok Dangerous on the laptop.  I took a much needed monkey nap.

We arrived in Sibu at 2:10 pm.  We checked in at the Tanahmas Hotel. 

We had lunch at the Peppers Cafe inside the hotel. 


Ivan got the Fried Mee Sibu Style while Jennifer got a tuna sandwich.  Jennifer asked for no tomatoes and no french fries.  The guy repeated it and wrote it down.  I got a banana and honey sandwich.  The food came and Jennifer had tomatoes and french fries.  Ivan was peeved and asked the employees about it.  The manager said there would be no charge.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the Jelly Pisang (a local specialty).  


It’s shaved ice with jelly (like Jello) and bananas.  I tried some – it was good!  Jennifer said it’s similar to Halo Halo.

We stayed in the room for awhile relaxing.

We went to Wisma Sanyan mall.  There’s a Sushi Tie located there.  I ordered some banana sushi and chicken teriyaki. 


Ivan and Jennifer ordered salmon maki, unagi maki, unagi suhi, salmon and maguro sashimi, salmon teriyaki, chicken yakitori and unagi temaki.  The maguro sashimi was frozen – so Ivan aked for salmon sashimi instead.  The food was delicious! 

Ivan, Jennifer and I had lunch at the Kheng Hock Cafe on June 2, 2009. 


Ivan got the fish claypot while Jennifer ordered the chicken claypot.  I got noodles with bananas.  The food was good.  Ivan and Jennifer were so stuffed after the meal.

We chilled in the room.  Ivan didn’t feel good that afternoon.  Jennifer helped me with the blog.  It was a lazy day for us.

We had food from the Pepper’s Cafe brought to the room.  I had the banana and chicken sandwich. 


Jennifer had a chicken sandwich while Ivan got a tuna sandwich.  It was good.  We went to sleep not long after.


Harvest Festival

Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Meligai Hotel on May 31, 2009.  We got picked up by a mini-bus.  Joshua was there.  He said that we would pick up another couple nearby. 

We stopped at a store.  The couple (a Chinese lady and an American guy) from Singapore wanted to buy something for the chief of the Ibans.  Joshua bought some chicken and beer.  We also contributed to the gift.  Joshua wasn’t coming with us since he’d be heading to the longhouse later.

It took only about 40 minutes to arrive at the Iban Longhouse.  We had to cross a bridge that didn’t look so stable. 


We made it across and had to climb some stairs to get to the longhouse. 

Our driver took us to the chief’s house.  We put our backpacks down.  We were told that we’d sleep in this place for the night.  The longhouses are really long and have many houses in them. 

We sat down and were served tuak (local rice wine) and sweets.  The tuak doesn’t seem strong when you drink it, but sneaks up on you later. 

It was time for lunch.  Each house had food.  So, we stopped at two of them.  I had lots of bananas to add to my food.  I didn’t think there would be many banana dishes.  Each house would served tuak of soft drinks.  Ivan and Jennifer didn’t want to drink so much early.


Ivan and Jennifer ate some fish and vegetables. I had bananas with vegetables.

People were already passed out and it was only 1 pm.  Apparently, the Iban people start drinking early at 7 am.  The Singapore couple refused to drink since they didn’t want to get drunk.  They weren’t staying the night. 

We went to another house across the way.  They didn’t seem to speak English though. 


They poured us drinks though.  Everybody is so friendly and they want you to come visit them.

We really wanted to check out the cock fighting.  We walked a few minutes to the cock fighting area outside. 


Only men watch the cock fighting.  There were so many men there.  Most of the men were betting. 


The cocks have a spike attached to their foot.  The first to draw blood wins.  Yes, sometimes there are deaths.  The people create a big circle around the chickens.  We saw a few fights and a few actually died. 


Ivan was betting.  He won 10 RM.  It was hot out.  We watched a few and then headed back to the house.  Cock fighting is very popular.  They even import cocks from the Philippines.  The fighting would go on until probably 6 pm.  I’m glad that they don’t have monkey fighting.  That wouldn’t be any fun watching.

We saw some piglets that would be killed later. 


It was time for a traditional ceremony.  The guests were served aged tuak.  Ivan thought it tasted off – like expired juice. 


Dishes were placed on a sheet.  Then a few of the higher Iban members put a little of each dish containing rice (looked like popcorn), eggs, sweets, sticky rice, little cup with liquid inside and a chicken feather into a bowl. 


They placed them high in a bamboo holder.  I think it was an offering to the gods.  They only keep it there overnight.  Everybody watching the ceremony were passed a bowl with a spoon in it.  They had to drop some of the liquid on the ground.  I think the liquid was blood.

A little while later, it was time to kill the piglets.  Jennifer and I didn’t want to see it.  Ivan watched it happen.  They stick a spike into the piglet’s neck.  The piglet is screaming at this point as you can imagine.  Then, they cut the piglet’s stomach open and take out it’s liver (I think it was the liver) and they read it.  I’m not sure what the liver tells them. 

We went inside to chill. 


There were three men with sticks that kept banging at the same time and singing a tune.  They literally did this for hours!  They walked along the whole longhouse.  I wonder if they were in a trance.

The kid were firing off firecrackers.  They would place them in a bamboo stick.  It sounded really loud.  It made us all jump every now and then.

It was time for more tratditional ceremony but inside with each house.  This time Ivan got asked to make a bowl.  You get 2 RM for doing it. 


Also, inside you hold a chicken and put it over people’s head to bring them luck.  Ivan did a good job. 


He had to place the bowl in a wooden boat-like container that was near the ceiling.


More houses were doing the traditional ceremony. 


Ivan was doing it again.  Ivan made 14 RM today including what he won betting.  There were lots of houses doing it. 


They were handing out tuak too.  I had my banana juice.  I wish I could have tasted the tuak though. 

We were getting hungry.  Ivan found a house at the end that was serving sticky rice with chicken curry. 


It was yummy.  I had sticky rice with chicken curry and bananas.

The houses were finished with the traditional ceremony.  It was time for dinner.  It was tasty again.

It was time to watch traditional Iban dancing.  There were musicians playing the gong, drums and xylophone.  One person would dance to the music. 


The Iban people do their traditional dance.  There’s one little boy who does the dance and he has a fake sword just for him. 


He’s the cutest little kid!  Some of the Westerns tried dancing too.  The crowd laughed.  One Iban guy did kung fu instead of the traditional dancing.  Jennifer wanted to try it, but she didn’t really want to with so many people around.  I danced around and did flips.  It was really fun.  The music is entrancing.

We went to rest inside the chief’s house.  We were trying to figure out where to sleep.  Downstairs, there’s a couch with a fan overhead.  Upstairs, there’s a bed but no air-conditioning or fan.  We decided to ask if it was alright to sleep upstairs.  It was fine, so we put a few of our backpacks upstairs to save the mattress for us  tonight.

We went back in the common area before midnight.  There were setting up the area for food.  They served tuak. 


Jennifer and I had noodles.  Ivan had some chicken. 

Soon after, we wanted to head to bed.  We all fell asleep.  Then, we hear the music starting.  It was as the music from the karaoke music at the lancao factory when we stayed at the other Iban longhouse.  Yes, they started playing Tanda Poco Poco.  We hoped that they would play it earlier and we could dance. 

We did manage to go back to sleep.  But, we kept waking up because of the loud music.

If you want to see more pictures from the Harvest Festival – check them out here!



Ivan, Jennifer and I got off the bus at 4:30 am on May 30, 2009.  The pier was very busy since it was almost the Harvest Festival or Gawai Dayak (New Year’s for the tribes like the Iban people).  We wanted to buy our ferry tickets for going to Kapita.  Ivan waited in line.  He bought tickets for 1 pm. 

We tried to find accommodation for a few hours.  Li Hua said they were booked up.  People had checked out but they wouldn’t clean the rooms.  We checked in at the Kingwood Hotel.  They wouldn’t give us a discount.  We fell asleep.

We checked out of the Kingwood Hotel.  We walked to Kheng Hock Cafe for lunch.  Ivan got a fish claypot while Jennifer got a chicken claypot. 


I got a soup with noodles, bananas and chicken.  The food was very tasty.

We went onto the ferry.  It left at 12:55 pm.  We arrived in Kapit at 4 pm. 

Ivan went searching for a hotel.  We checked in to the Meligai Hotel. 

Ivan wanted to book a homestay for the Harvest Festival.  He couldn’t find a travel agency though.  Finally, he asked a lady in a shop.  She took us to a hotel nearby.  The lady said she would contact somebody for us.  The guy would meet us at the hotel at 7 pm. 

We walked to the Good Taste Cafe.  Ivan had the kung pao chicken while Jennifer got noodles with chicken.  I had noodles with bananas.  The food wasn’t very good here.

We walked around the city.  The food didn’t fill us up so we stopped at the Famous Bakery.  We got some banana bread.  It was very moist.  It was even better than the bread in Kota Kinabalu.

We met up with Joshua at 7 pm.  Ivan booked a homestay at an Iban Longhouse for tomorrow.  We’d get picked up at 11 am the following morning.

We went to the markets for dinner.  Ivan and Jennifer shared some chicken satay.  I had banana and chicken satay.  It was good.  Ivan had Nasi Lamak while Jen had Nasi Goreng.


We walked back to the hotel.  Soon after we went to bed.



Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up late on May 29, 2009.  We packed up our backpacks.  We checked out of the Dillenia Guest House.  We left our bags with storage.  The lady who works at the Dillenia is really friendly. 

We walked to Dave’s Deli for lunch.  I had a banana and honey sandwich.  Ivan got a mushroom soup and a tuna sandwich. 


Jennifer got a toasted roasted chicken sandwich.  The food was alright here.  

We walked across the street to the Imperial Mall.  We went shopping for awhile.

We chilled in the Guest House for a few hours.  The lady who worked there told us of a nice seafood place for dinner. 

We walked to Ming Cafe for dinner since it was recommended to us.  Ivan and Jennifer started off with a roti canai.  I got noodles with bananas. 


Ivan had a fish claypot while Jennifer got a chicken hot plate.  The food was decent.

We got our backpacks from storage.  We got a taxi to the bus station.  We found our bus headed towards Sibu.  Ivan wasn’t sure how long the ride was.  He heard different things like 6, 7 or 8 hours.  The bus was supposed to leave at 8:30 pm but left around 9 pm.  Ivan and Jennifer watched things on the laptop.  We fell asleep on the bus.


Great Italian Food

Ivan, Jennifer and I had the buffet breakfast at the Atrium Cafe in the hotel on May 28, 2009. 

Food at the Breakfast buffet

The food was nice again.  I had lots of small bananas and took some with me for later.

We packed everything up.  We checked out of The Empire Hotel.  We left our backpacks at the Bell Desk.  Ivan set up a private car going to Miri later.  It would pick us up at 7:30 pm.

We chilled at the pool on one of the big beds.  Ivan and Jennifer watched the movie Role Models. 


I walked around and climbed up a palm tree. 

The event for today was Tennis.  We took a buggy to the Country Club.  Ivan and Jennifer were given a basket of tennis balls, a new can of balls, two racquets, water, two small towels and an apple.  It’s too bad that they didn’t have monkey-sized tennis racquets.  I would have tried to play.  Ivan said thought they should play three games. 


It’s been awhile since either of them played.  Jennifer played doubles tennis on her high school team. 


Ivan beat Jennifer 2 games to 1.  It was really tiring playing.  It was nice that they had a jug of water and towels to dry their foreheads.

Ivan and Jennifer changed their clothes.  We were going to eat at Spaghettini.  The dress code doesn’t allow shorts in the restaurant.  We reached the restaurant a few minutes before opening at 6:30 pm.  We sat down to wait until it opened up.  We were the only ones in the restaurant – nobody came even when we were eating.  We were taken to our table.

Ivan ordered the set menu which includes the anti-pasti trolley, a main course and a dessert.  Ivan ordered a tuna pizza.  I ordered a banana pizza while Jennifer got tagliatelli with mushrooms.  Ivan and Jennifer shared everything.  The trolley had so many anti-pasti likes vegetables, cheeses and smoked salmon. 


Ivan filled up a plate of good things. 


The pizzas were tasty and cooked to perfection.  The tagliatteli was light and yummy.  The chocolate fondant was ordered for the dessert.  I got a Banana Fosters and it was really good!  Ivan and Jennifer loved the chocolate fondant. 


The outside was crunchy and inside it was very warm and chocolaty.  The fondant went perfectly with the ice cream.  It was a good way to end a great meal.  The food was really inexpensive – considering how good the quality was.

We grabbed our backpacks from the Bell Desk.  The driver was here to take us to Miri.  We placed our backpacks in the back of the car.  Ivan was editing Jennifer’s video on the laptop.  I just enjoyed the ride.  We had to stop at the border for Immigration.  Ivan and Jennifer didn’t even have to get out of the car.  They just handed over their forms and passports.  How easy is that!  It took us 2 hours to get there. 

The car dropped off us near our accommodation.  We checked in to the Dillenia Guest House.  We got ready for bed and then fell asleep soon after.

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