Burger Magic

On September 30, 2011, we had lunch at the house.  Ivan and I had quorn sticks, tofu, potato latkes, bread and salad.  Lil Dave had a banana salad and a banana soup.

Ivan and I headed into London late.  We walked around the West End.

It was time to get dinner.  We went to Byron for dinner.  It’s a gourmet burger restaurant which has been popping up around London.  Ivan got a veggie burger while I got a chicken burger.


We also shared some tasty fries.  Our burgers were just average.

We got the train to Warren Street.  It was now time to see close-up magic.  We entered The Magic Circle.  The Magic Circle is a British club that promotes and advances the art of magic.  Many famous magicians belong to the Magic Circle like David Copperfield.

Ivan and I love seeing magic.  Ivan does magic tricks sometimes.  The first half we saw magicians Will Houstoun and  Noel Qualter.  They were alright.  During the interval, we checked out the museum.  Chris Wood came on next, who was also average. Each magician messed up one trick.   Michael Vincent was the last magician.


He performed a few great card tricks.  He performed the 3 card monty.  It was good, but we would have liked to see something better since most people know how 3 card monty works. I wish Michael Vincent was on longer.  He’s really quite good to watch.  I can figure out some of the tricks.  Ivan can usually figure out most of them which is good.. so then he can explain them to me.

We got the train to Embankment.  Ivan and I wanted to get a drink at Gordon’s Wine Bar – but it was way too crowded for us to get a table.  So, we headed back to Southend by train.

Source: Michael Vincent photo


Svengali Park

On April 7, 2011, we had lunch at the apartment.

It was a lovely day out.  We went to see the play Clybourne Park at the Wyndhams Theatre. 

We had seats in the last row in the golden circle.  It was a weird angle from up there, but we could see the whole stage.  We usually sit in the stalls. 

In the first act, it’s 1959. 

Russ and Bev are planning on moving out of Clybourne Park.  They find out that a black family will be moving into their home.  It will be the first black family to move into the neighborhood.  The neighbor and the priest are appalled and want Russ to do something about it.  Russ doesn’t care though.   Tempers flare.

In the second act, it’s 2009 and Lindsey and Steve are buying the same house.  They want to tear the house down and the black neighbors are there discussing the house.  The neighborhood is now filled with black people and white people are moving in since it’s now a hip neighborhood.  The neighbors are actually related to the first black family who moved into the house.  The second act is different, but does cover stereotypes.  It also tells us a couple jokes that may offend some people.  Ivan and I thought they were funny. 

It’s a great play.  I do recommend it.

We went to the post office next to buy some stamps.

I had my eye appointment next at Specsavers in The Strand.  I went inside to get my eyes checked.  I don’t like the part where they blow air in your eyes for the Glaucoma test.  I always react and move at the last second or close my eyes.  It’s like I’m bracing myself for the air to come.

I told the doctor about how my eyes really hurt the other day and everything seemed bright.  She said that my eyes are dry.  I should lubricate them with comfort drops twice a day.

The doctor asked if 1 or 2 was better when showing me an image of a bunch of circles.  Which one does it seem like the circles seem rounder?  I always have to go back to see which one is better.  

My eyes have gotten worse.  I would need a new stronger prescription for my eyes.

I was taken to get my glasses looked at.  The guy serving me was handsome.  He had pretty eyes.  I think he was gay though.  He tightened my glasses for me and measured the glasses for the new lenses.

We left Specsavers and walked to the train station.  Ivan called up the box office in Reading.  He was trying to get us tickets for the Darren Brown show.  He got lucky and scored us two tickets for the show because the manager returned his tickets.

We had to jump on a train headed to Reading, Berkshire.  It took us half an hour to arrive.  We grabbed a cab outside the station headed to The Hexagon theatre.


We were going to see Darren Brown Svengali.  Darren Brown is an illusionist, mentalist and hypnotist.  This was my first time seeing him live.  Ivan and I found our seats in the last row of the stalls.  The seats had a good view of the stage and wasn’t too far.

We were stamped with 9889 on our hand as we entered the theatre.  Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. 

Darren asked the audience not to tell people what we saw.  Darren Brown is an amazing performer.  He did magic tricks, hypnosis and mentalism.  If you’re into magic, hypnosis or mentalism, you should definitely see one of his shows.  He has a great stage presence and he’s good looking.

It was an awesome show.  It’s wonderful to see the tricks in person. 

We took the train back to Paddington.  Then, I navigated us back to Pimlico on the tube.

Photo Credits for Clybourne Park image and Darren Brown Svengali poster

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