Sea Cranium

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at the house on November 20, 2011.  Ivan and I shared pizza and soup.

Ivan, Lil Dave, Neal, Denise and I headed to the seafront.  It was such a lovely day out.


The tide was out.  We walked along the sea and took a few pictures.  I like the beach houses with all their different colors.


Denise had to use the toilet and ran ahead to try to find one.  We thought we had lost her.  We caught up with Denise later driving the car.

Everybody had dinner together.  Ivan and I had gnocchi and vegetables.

Later on, we played Cranium Wow again.  It was Ivan and me versus Denise, Ken and Neal.


It was lots of fun, but we didn’t win again.


Relaxing Games

It was an easy, relaxing day in Southend on November 19, 2011.

We had lunch at the house.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I chilled out and used the internet.

Neal came to stay the weekend.  We had a big dinner and cake for dessert.  Denise always spoils us with lots of food.

Later on, we played the board game Cranium Wow.  We made two teams: Denise, Ken and Neal against Ivan and me.


The game has many activities like guessing a song by a person humming, sculpting with Play-Doh, charades and drawing with your eyes closed.  It’s lots of fun!  Unfortunately, Ivan and I lost the game.


Wedding Beans

Ivan and I decided to relax in Southend on November 14, 2011. 

Ivan used the internet while I was looking up things online for our upcoming wedding.  We will have lots to do when we get back to Las Vegas.  I worked on the blog.

We walked to ASDA to pick up something for dinner. 

Ivan and I had tortellini and baked beans for dinner.

I continued to work on the blog.


Later that evening, we watched the shows Pete Versus Life, The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Source: Pete Versus Life photo


Crumpets and Crumble

I woke up at 1 pm on November 9, 2011.  I really needed it since I didn’t have good sleep the night before.  Ivan was already awake.

We decided to stay in Southend for the day to get some rest.  I worked on the blog and uploaded pictures to Facebook.  Ivan chilled out and used the internet.

We had lunch with Denise and Ken at the house.

Later in the afternoon, we had crumpets and tea.  I love crumpets!!

It was time to go out for dinner.  We went to Rendezvous Casino.  We got the 4 three course meal deal for £55 which includes a bottle of wine. 

Ivan and I each had the broccoli soup which was too spicy for me.  Ivan finished mine.  I had a prawn egg roll.  For our main courses, Ivan got haddock and I got vegetable strudel which was more like an egg roll. 


For dessert, I got a tasty apple crumble and Ivan got a great fruit pudding.  It’s always nice to spend quality time with Ivan’s parents.  It was a really good meal.

We went back to the house.  Ivan and I watched tv and later I walked on the blog.


Easy Day

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had an easy day on October 11, 2011.

We stayed in Southend for the day.  Ivan used the internet while I worked on the blog. 

For dinner, we went to eat at the Harvester with Denise and Ken. 


I had a pasta dish which was okay.  Lil Dave got a banana burger.  Ivan had a tasty Atlantic cod with chips.

I used the internet.  Ivan and I watched tv.

Ivan and I packed up and cleaned his room.

We wanted to sleep early since we have an early start tomorrow, but it didn’t happen.  Ivan and I fell asleep around 1:30 am.


Southend Blog

On October 8, 2011, Ivan, Lil Dave and I stayed in Southend.  We thought we’d take it easy since we’ve been doing a lot lately.  It can be tiring traveling to London since it’s an hour journey each way.

Ivan and I had tuna salad and tomato soup for lunch.  Lil Dave had a banana tart.

I worked on the blog while Ivan used the internet.

We had lunch with Denise and Ken.  It was lots of food again. 


Ivan and I ate potato latkes, mackerel, sesame nuggets, waldorf salad and naan bread.  Lil Dave had banana nuggets and banana naan bread.

Later on, Ivan and I watched Jonathan Ross.  It was a good show with Lady Gaga, Jamie Oliver and Lee Evans.  Lady Gaga is so weird.  Lee Evans was funny – he can’t seem to sit still for even a second.


Funny Mackerel

Ivan, Lil Dave, Denise, Ken and I drove to Leigh on October 1, 2011.  Ken parked the car and then we walked down to the high street.  It was another lovely warm day.

Ivan really wanted seafood for lunch.  We sat down inside at The Peter Boat since I wanted to try cockle chowder.  But, it was too expensive.  There’s an outside place selling seafood.  It was crowded outside the pub though.

We walked further along to The Crooked Billet.  Denise and Ken wanted to sit down inside.  I thought it smelled funny in the restaurant while Ivan thought it was stuffy.  Ivan said that we’d sit outside.  Ivan found  seats free at a table.  I saved the seats while Ivan ordered the food.

Ivan came back shortly with cockles, anchovies, prawns and mackerel. 


We’ve never had cockles before.  They’re really small and look like mussels.  The cockles tasted alright, but they were gritty with sand.  I don’t really like anchovies, but Ivan enjoyed them.  The prawns were real good.  The mackerel was seasoned with pepper and tasted wonderful.  Lil Dave munched on a banana since he’s not really into seafood.

Ivan went to see how Denise and Ken were.  They were almost done with their fish and chips.  Ivan grabbed more mackerel and crawfish.  The crawfish was also tasty. 

Denise and Ken joined us at the table. 

Next, we walked along the high street.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I had a rossi ice cream with a flake in it.  Ivan and Lil Dave really enjoyed the banana ice cream. 


I had chocolate ice cream which tasted alright.


There’s so many boats on the water.  I love walking around Old Leigh. 

We walked up towards the car.  Denise showed us a shop called Cook.  The shop creates meals and then freezes them.  Ivan and I checked out the frozen ready meals.  There was lots of good meals like Indian meals, pies and desserts.  We bought four meals. 

It was time to head to the car and drive back to the house.

Ivan and I used the internet.  Lil Dave took a monkey nap.  I worked on the blog.

Later on, Ivan and I had great fish curry (from the Cook shop) and naan bread.  Lil Dave had a banana soup with naan bread. 

We watched Dave’s One Night Stand.  Jack Whitehall from the tv show Fresh Meat was hosting.  He’s funny.  The other comedians David O’Doherty and Andrew Lawrence weren’t funny at all.  Another episode came on with Russell Kane as the host.  Carl Donnelly was really funny. 

We headed upstairs and used the internet.  Ivan thought we should go to bed early for once.


Walking Fish

Ivan and I woke up at 9 am on September 24, 2011.  Lil Dave had gone to Monkey World already.  Ivan and I was supposed to wake up an hour earlier, so we could head to the Farmer’s market with Denise and Ken.  I guess we didn’t hear his parents getting ready to head out.

I used the internet and worked on the blog.  Ivan also used the internet. 

Denise and Ken were back from the market and shopping at 11:10 am. 

Later on, Denise made us a lot of food for dinner. 


We had Jewish bagels, salad, egg salad, salmon, cheese and sesame nuggets.  It was all very tasty.

Ivan was trying to fix his old computer while I was on the internet.

Denise made tea around 3 pm.  I love a good cup of tea in the afternoon.

At 4 pm, Denise drove us to the Southend seafront.  I wanted to find a light sweater, so we headed to Primark.  I found some good deals including a great sweater, jewelry, tights and a retro purse.

It was a lovely day out, warm and a little breezy.  We walked along the seafront.  We saw the Adventure Park which has a few rollercoasters.  The street has a few amusement arcades with Las Vegas names like Circus Circus and Monte Carlo. 


It made me think of home and the Las Vegas Strip.  The longest pleasure pier in the world Southend Pier is also in the area.  I walked down it with Ivan, Denise and Ken the first time I visited England.

The tide goes out really far in Southend. 


Denise said it comes in really fast.  We chatted and walked around.  It was time to head back.

Ivan fixed the computer.  I was using the internet and typing stuff on my laptop.

Ivan, Denise, Ken and I went to The Olive Tree for dinner.  It was time to eat some fish and chips.  Ivan got the cod while I got the haddock – we both got our fish cooked in matzo meal which is lighter and healthier. 


It was a tasty meal, but the fries weren’t that good.  I prefer really crunchy fries. 

Ken drove us back to the house.  Then, we all walked to The Angel Inn.  It’s a restaurant and bar.  Denise and Ken had sparkling water while Ivan and I drank wine.  We tried to chat, but some men were being so noisy. 


We stayed for awhile chatting or rather shouting at each other.  We walked back to the house. 

Ivan and I used the internet before heading off to bed.


London Town

I woke up at 8 am on September 19, 2011.  Ivan was already awake.  He hasn’t been sleeping much since he’s still jetlagged.

I played Sims Social on Facebook.  I’m so addicted to the game.  It’s lots of fun to play. 

I packed up a small backpack and my purse.

Ivan and I got dressed to head out.  Lil Dave was staying in Southend while we head up to London.  Lil Dave is doing his schoolwork online while we’re traveling.  Cousin Dave is flying off to Sweden later today.  He’s going to visit his family for a few days.

Ivan’s mum drove us to the train station at 11 am.

We walked around Soho.  We arrived at the doctor’s office where Ivan would be getting his medical.  Ivan and I planning on getting married soon in the USA.  We’re getting a fiance visa.  He must get a medical as part of the visa requirements.  The whole process included a lot of waiting and Ivan getting blood taken and an x-ray.  Ivan was done with everything after an hour.

It was time to get some lunch.  Ivan thought we should go to Beatroot Cafe.


It’s a great vegetarian place with a buffet.  The dahl, chili and pasta were the best dishes. Recently, we have given up eating chicken.. so we’re now pescetarian.

We walked around Soho and arrived at Picadilly Backpackers.  The internet says the hostel has pod sleeping space.  It didn’t turn out to be pods at all.  It was just ordinary bunk beds. 


Ivan also read that the rooms were decorated with art.  Wrong! It was just a plain ol’ hostel room with no special frills.  However, there was art work (not even good art work!) in the hallway you enter to get to the rooms.  The doors on the third floor were all orange with the room numbers in black letters. 


It reminded me of a prison since orange reminds me of prison uniforms.

We checked into our 6 person room.  Ivan and I were tired.  Jetlag is so annoying.  I don’t like feeling like a zombie all the time.  I just want to return to my normal sleeping schedule.  We took a 2 hour long nap.  I was surprised that I actually fell asleep since there was noisy construction work going on outside.

It was time to head out again.  Ivan and I grabbed sandwiches at Pret a Manger.  Then, we took the train to Wembley Park.  I’m so glad Ivan knows London VERY well.  I would get lost walking around and taking the tube by myself.

Our sandwiches were consumed on the train ride.  We walked from the station to Wembley Arena.  I’ve never been to Wembley.  The stadium looks really cool and is massive.  Tonight, we were going to see the funniest man alive Lee Evans.

This was my third time seeing Lee Evans.  Ivan has seem him numerous times. 


Lee did a long 2 hour and 10 minute set talking about his life and wife.  He is so freaking hilarious!!   I could watch him for hours – I really wanted to see more!  I still can’t believe how he’s constantly moving about on the stage.  At the end, he played a song on the piano and sang.  His voice isn’t bad.  Lee Evans ended the show with his wonderful Bohemian Rhapsody performance. 

Check out the Bohemian Rhapsody video:

At the very end, Lee ended up shaking many people’s hands in the audience.  If you ever get a chance to see Lee Evans live… go do it! He’s sooo very funny.

We got the train back to Soho.  We walked around Soho for a bit and then it was off to bed for us.

Source: Beatroot picture


Chillin’ in Southend

Ivan and I woke up at 5 am on September 18, 2011.  Lil Dave was still sleeping.

I worked on the blog and played Sims Social on Facebook.

Ivan, Ivan’s mum and I went to the Jewish synagogue.  Ivan’s mum bought us some challah, bagels and apple strudel.  Then, Ivan’s mum drove us to Sainsbury’s.  Ivan and I bought ingredients for the lunch we would be making later today.  I love British grocery stores.  There’s always a big selection of cheeses and the food is a lot cheaper than food in America.

We came back to the house and relaxed.


Ivan and I cooked Tofu Jalfrezi for lunch.  I made the garlic and avocado salad.  Neal cooked up trout. 

The meal turned out really good.


Ivan’s mum would never touch Indian food since she thinks it would be too spicy.  Ivan didn’t tell her it was Indian food.  He wanted to have his mum try Indian and like it.  If he told her it was Indian, she wouldn’t have eaten it.  Ivan’s dad said it tasted like Indian food.  Ivan’s mum seemed to like it.  She wants the recipe, so she can make it another time.  Score one for Ivan! 

Ivan’s mum brought out strawberries and yogurt for dessert.  We always eat so much food at Ivan’s parents house. 

Ivan, Neal, Lil Dave and I watched tv.  We learned how bagels were made on How It’s Made. 

I used the internet.  Ivan and I took a long nap.

Lil Dave and Cousin Dave played around in the backyard.

Neal left to head back to London.

Ivan and I had trout for a late dinner.  We watched the show Spooks while eating our dinner.  Spooks is a wonderful show.  There’s some great shows in England.  Unfortunately, shows usually only make 6 episodes per series (season).

Ivan, Lil Dave, Cousin Dave and I went to bed at 10 pm.

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