Going Back Home

Ivan, Lil Dave and I packed everything up and checked out.  We left the Temptations Resort Spa at 9:05 am.

Our flight took off at 11:50 am headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. 

We went through Immigration.  Ivan had his fiancé visa.  I was waiting over 20 minutes and I was worried.  He has overstayed on his tourist visa before.  The Immigration officer said that if he didn’t have the fiancé visa he would have been denied access since he’s overstayed a few times in the past.  I guess he’s gotten lucky the last few times he’s entered America.  He came out after 30 minutes.  I was glad everything was alright.

We got our bags and rechecked them in for our next flight. 

Ivan and I got sandwiches and an Auntie Anne pretzel.  Lil Dave got a banana wrap.

We used the internet.  The flight was delayed since the plane arrived late.  We were supposed to leave at 4:45 pm, but ended up leaving at 5 pm.  We arrived at LAX at 6:10 pm.  We used the internet.  Our flight left at 8:20 pm headed to Las Vegas.

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