Iron Bridge

Ivan left for his dentist appointment at 9:30 am at the Plaza Las Americas mall on November 29, 2011.  He had an appointment to his bridge fitting in at 10 am.  I stayed in the room and went back to sleep.

I went to make a reservation at the Asian restaurant, but nobody was there.  I had food at the breakfast buffet with Lil Dave.

I went to the front desk to ask about restaurant reservations.  The lady told me I had to book at Bellavista.  I went there and the girl said that the Asian & Italian restaurants were all booked up.  I told her that I tried to make reservations at the restaurant, but nobody was there.  She said I could book it for tomorrow.  I told her we’d be going home tomorrow.  She squeezed us in for 7:30 pm.

Ivan came back later on.


It was another overcast day.  We went to the pool to relax.  The Iron Man contest was going on.  The guys performed a few games.  The men had to go on a surfboard across the pool, go through 4 ladies legs with balloons filled with water, do 5 push-ups and then yell Viva La Mexico!  It was a really funny contest.  It’s great that Temptations is fun and entertaining.

We headed to the room to use the internet.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were tired and took an hour nap.

Ivan and I booked the airport shuttle for the morning.

We headed to the Las Americas mall.  Ivan had to get his bridge put in.  I used the free internet while he was at the dentist’s office.

We got a taxi back to Temptations.

We had dinner at Village Wok.  Ivan and I got the miso soup for a starter which actually wasn’t very miso-y at all.  We got some lovely sake.  Lil Dave got banana sushi.  Ivan and I shared sushi, fish and a shrimp stir fry.  It was a great meal.

We headed to the room and used the jacuzzi.  It was an early night for us since we had to be up early to leave for the airport.

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