Chest Problems

On November 25, 2011, I told Ivan about my chest.  Ivan called to see if a doctor could come to the hotel, but it was way too expensive.

We had breakfast at the hotel.

We headed to the Las Amercias mall. 

We got some food.  Lil Dave got a banana crepe.  Ivan and I shared a vegetable crepe and waffles with berries.

We went to the hospital there.  I went to get my chest checked out.  The doctor checked me out with a stethoscope.  He didn’t think I had any problems.  He asked if I was drinking more than usual.  I said no.  I did tell him that sometimes I get stomach problems with acid.  He said protocol would be to do an EKG next.  I wasn’t sure I should get one.  I asked if he thought I needed it.  He didn’t think I needed one.  I said I would pass on it.  He gave me a prescription for acid for my stomach and Tylenol. 

We went to the drugstore to get my medicine.

We headed back to the Omni.

Ivan wasn’t feeling good. 

We had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.  We had vegetable sandwiches and soup.  Lil Dave had a banana lasagna.

We went back to the room and called it an early night.

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