Going Boating

On November 24, 2011, Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed to the marina at 11:50 am.  Ivan got money at an ATM nearby.

We walked back to the marina and grabbed cup o’ noodles and spicy nuts at a little store.


We got in the boat and Ivan got to drive it.  Lil Dave sat in the back.


We had to follow other boats in our group.  It was such a beautiful day out.  We drove through the jungle while listening to music on Ivan’s Logitech iPod speakers.

We stopped in the middle of the ocean.


It was time to go snorkeling.  Ivan and I jumped in the cold water.  We saw some fish, but not that many.

Later on, we got back in the boats and started driving again.  We drove through the jungle.


Lil Dave didn’t think it was a jungle since he didn’t see any monkeys.

Ivan drove us back to the marina.  It was a fun day going out on a boat and enjoying the sunny weather.


That evening, we got a bus to the center.  We had dinner at The Surfin’ Burrito again.  Ivan and I shared a tasty coconut.


The food took a long time.  It was delicious.  We took it easy and headed back early.

That night, my chest hurt really bad.  I kept thinking I was having a heart attack.  I feel asleep eventually.  I thought I would go to the doctor in the morning.

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