Going Back Home

Ivan, Lil Dave and I packed everything up and checked out.  We left the Temptations Resort Spa at 9:05 am.

Our flight took off at 11:50 am headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. 

We went through Immigration.  Ivan had his fiancé visa.  I was waiting over 20 minutes and I was worried.  He has overstayed on his tourist visa before.  The Immigration officer said that if he didn’t have the fiancé visa he would have been denied access since he’s overstayed a few times in the past.  I guess he’s gotten lucky the last few times he’s entered America.  He came out after 30 minutes.  I was glad everything was alright.

We got our bags and rechecked them in for our next flight. 

Ivan and I got sandwiches and an Auntie Anne pretzel.  Lil Dave got a banana wrap.

We used the internet.  The flight was delayed since the plane arrived late.  We were supposed to leave at 4:45 pm, but ended up leaving at 5 pm.  We arrived at LAX at 6:10 pm.  We used the internet.  Our flight left at 8:20 pm headed to Las Vegas.


Iron Bridge

Ivan left for his dentist appointment at 9:30 am at the Plaza Las Americas mall on November 29, 2011.  He had an appointment to his bridge fitting in at 10 am.  I stayed in the room and went back to sleep.

I went to make a reservation at the Asian restaurant, but nobody was there.  I had food at the breakfast buffet with Lil Dave.

I went to the front desk to ask about restaurant reservations.  The lady told me I had to book at Bellavista.  I went there and the girl said that the Asian & Italian restaurants were all booked up.  I told her that I tried to make reservations at the restaurant, but nobody was there.  She said I could book it for tomorrow.  I told her we’d be going home tomorrow.  She squeezed us in for 7:30 pm.

Ivan came back later on.


It was another overcast day.  We went to the pool to relax.  The Iron Man contest was going on.  The guys performed a few games.  The men had to go on a surfboard across the pool, go through 4 ladies legs with balloons filled with water, do 5 push-ups and then yell Viva La Mexico!  It was a really funny contest.  It’s great that Temptations is fun and entertaining.

We headed to the room to use the internet.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were tired and took an hour nap.

Ivan and I booked the airport shuttle for the morning.

We headed to the Las Americas mall.  Ivan had to get his bridge put in.  I used the free internet while he was at the dentist’s office.

We got a taxi back to Temptations.

We had dinner at Village Wok.  Ivan and I got the miso soup for a starter which actually wasn’t very miso-y at all.  We got some lovely sake.  Lil Dave got banana sushi.  Ivan and I shared sushi, fish and a shrimp stir fry.  It was a great meal.

We headed to the room and used the jacuzzi.  It was an early night for us since we had to be up early to leave for the airport.


Buffet Bistro

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the brunch buffet at Hacienda Sisal on November 27, 2011.  Ivan asked a waiter if the chef could make a fish dish for us and they did.  It contained a delicious garlic sauce.  The food was great especially with our mimosas. 

We walked along the beach towards our hotel taking our time.  The water was wavy and it was overcast day.  It sprinkled a bit, but it didn’t rain. 

We decided to chill on lounge chairs on the beach and read our books.  I was reading The Dark Tourist by Dom Joly while Ivan was reading Lee Evan’s autobiography Life of Lee.

We all walked to the jacuzzi to relax and read more.

It was time to head back to the room where we used the internet.

Later on, we got the bus to Savio’s Bistro by La Dolce Vita.  We got a tasty bruschetta for free.  We started off with a good seafood soup.  Lil Dave got a good banana fettuccine.  Ivan and I got grilled seafood, a vegetable calzone and a fettuccine dish with shrimp & scallops. 


The food was ok, the calzone was very boring and plain.  The bread was more like a pastry than a calzone.

We walked around to find something to do.  Mandala Nightclub was handing out cards for a free drink.  We sat inside the open air nightclub.  Ivan and I each got a margarita.  Lil Dave was mad that he couldn’t get a banana margarita (he’s still too young to drink!).  The music wasn’t the best.  We decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.


Shrimp Dancer

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got a taxi to Playa Linda on November 26, 2011.  It was an overcast day and it looked like it was going to rain at any minute.

It started raining a bit.  We got on the Dancer boat.  Breakfast was rolls with coffee and juice.

It was open bar and food – which is always nice.  The weather slowly started to get better.  Hurray, no more rain!

We went to the ancient Mayan ruins of El Meco.  Our funny guide Edgar told us about the ruins. 


It really wasn’t much to see, but Edgar kept us laughing.  I love guides who are informative and funny. 


We got to take pictures with one of the guides wearing a Mayan outfit.

We went back to the boat.

Ivan and I were so happy that the weather was better.  We enjoyed the scenery and drank some alcohol. 

We went snorkeling which turned out alright.

It was time for lunch.  It was tacos with beef and chicken.  We ate the nice chicken tacos.

Next, it was time for dancing.  Joseph and the woman who dressed in the Mayan outfit were great dancers. 


It was fun just watching them.  Lil Dave got up and showed off his monkey moves. 

We started headed back.  The staff is so friendly and energetic.   This is such a fun boat journey to do.  I really recommend going on the Dancer boat for some sun, fun and ruins.

The boat got back around 5:30 pm.

Later that night, we went to dinner at Bubba Gump.  Ivan and I each got a free Mai Tai drink with a coupon we had.  The drink didn’t taste alcoholic at all.  Ivan and I shared a shrimp salad, canjun shrimp and mahi mahi. Lil Dave had a bananas with penne.   It was tasty food.

Ivan waned to go to Coco Bongo.  I was feeling really tired though and didn’t feel like drinking.  It probably would have been busy since it’s Saturday.  So, we headed back to the hotel.


Chest Problems

On November 25, 2011, I told Ivan about my chest.  Ivan called to see if a doctor could come to the hotel, but it was way too expensive.

We had breakfast at the hotel.

We headed to the Las Amercias mall. 

We got some food.  Lil Dave got a banana crepe.  Ivan and I shared a vegetable crepe and waffles with berries.

We went to the hospital there.  I went to get my chest checked out.  The doctor checked me out with a stethoscope.  He didn’t think I had any problems.  He asked if I was drinking more than usual.  I said no.  I did tell him that sometimes I get stomach problems with acid.  He said protocol would be to do an EKG next.  I wasn’t sure I should get one.  I asked if he thought I needed it.  He didn’t think I needed one.  I said I would pass on it.  He gave me a prescription for acid for my stomach and Tylenol. 

We went to the drugstore to get my medicine.

We headed back to the Omni.

Ivan wasn’t feeling good. 

We had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.  We had vegetable sandwiches and soup.  Lil Dave had a banana lasagna.

We went back to the room and called it an early night.


Going Boating

On November 24, 2011, Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed to the marina at 11:50 am.  Ivan got money at an ATM nearby.

We walked back to the marina and grabbed cup o’ noodles and spicy nuts at a little store.


We got in the boat and Ivan got to drive it.  Lil Dave sat in the back.


We had to follow other boats in our group.  It was such a beautiful day out.  We drove through the jungle while listening to music on Ivan’s Logitech iPod speakers.

We stopped in the middle of the ocean.


It was time to go snorkeling.  Ivan and I jumped in the cold water.  We saw some fish, but not that many.

Later on, we got back in the boats and started driving again.  We drove through the jungle.


Lil Dave didn’t think it was a jungle since he didn’t see any monkeys.

Ivan drove us back to the marina.  It was a fun day going out on a boat and enjoying the sunny weather.


That evening, we got a bus to the center.  We had dinner at The Surfin’ Burrito again.  Ivan and I shared a tasty coconut.


The food took a long time.  It was delicious.  We took it easy and headed back early.

That night, my chest hurt really bad.  I kept thinking I was having a heart attack.  I feel asleep eventually.  I thought I would go to the doctor in the morning.

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