Coco Dentist

Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed to get some breakfast on November 23, 2011.  A timeshare lady said we could each get a free breakfast buffet if we talked to a representative for a few minutes.  It turned out that we had to take a tour with a lady and then we could get the free buffet.  Ivan and I were really hungry.  Ivan told them that we didn’t want to do the tour and told the lady who talked to us initially that she lied.  We just headed to the breakfast buffet and told the Timeshare people that they were paying for it.  Ivan did make a scene.  I know the TImeshare people didn’t want us to complain otherwise they could get kicked out of the hotel.  Timeshare people are so annoying.  We had the boring breakfast buffet.  There was barely any edible food there.

We got a taxi to Los Americas mall.  Ivan had an appointment at Cancun Dentist.  He was getting a bridge done.  It was going to be a few hours.  So, I headed to get some lunch a the food court.  I had some Chinese food at the food court.  I should have looked around more.  I used the internet on the phone. 

2 hours later, Ivan was done.  He had two of his teeth shaved down and fitted for the bridge.  He got a fake bridge on his teeth until his next appointment.

We went to eat at Tacos Maren.  Ivan and I shared fish tacos, a shrimp taco and fish soup.  It was really tasty food.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I got a taxi back to the Omni.  We changed into our swimsuits and got into the jacuzzi.  We drank a mojito while chillin’ in the jacuzzi.

Later on, we got a bus to the center. 

We went to dinner at Natura.  Ivan and I shared a good pico de gallo, but the guacamole was really bland.  Lil Dave got banana tacos. 


Ivan and I also got a vegetable quesadilla, which was more like tacos, and a shrimp ceviche.  The food was very boring and bland at Natura.

Later on, we got tickets for Coco Bongo.  It’s a nightclub with a show.  It took awhile to get in.  There was a show going on with acts like Chicago, Beyonce, Moulin Rouge, Michael Jackson, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queen, Beetlejuice, Lady Gaga, The Mask, Tron, Katy Perry, Kiss, Elvis Presley and more.  The stage is high and has many dancers and a performer lip-synching.  It’s so funny how they bring up girls to the main stage.  The girls dance and a gust of air comes from below them and their skirt goes up showing their underwear. 

Check out a video of the club:

There were aerialists going all around the club.  One act would go on and then there would be a break for a few minutes and then another act came on.  Confetti was being shot into the audience along with balloons.  It was amazing!!  I really liked the Spiderman vs. Green Goblin fight.  It was a well choreographed fight. 

We danced for 3 1/2 hours.  It was such a fun night.  If you’re ever in Cancun, you MUST visit Coco Bongo.

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