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Ivan woke up early on November 21, 2011.  He was waiting for the fiancé visa to arrive by courier.  It arrived in the late morning.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I packed everything up.

We said good-bye to Denise and Ken.  We took a taxi to the airport at 3 pm and arrived at 4:30 pm.

Ivan checked us in to the Yotel at Gatwick Airport.  It’s a capsule hotel.  We used the free internet in the room. 


It’s a really tiny room.  There’s no privacy in the room since the shower is totally clear.

Dinner was bought at Marks and Spencer.  Lil Dave had a few bananas.  I had a crayfish and mango salad and a cous cous salad while Ivan got salmon with beans and a fish with cous cous. 

We watched tv while we used the internet.  I also worked on the blog.

We went to sleep early since we were headed to Mexico in the early morning.

Source: Yotel picture

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