Winter Wonderland

I had my first Christmas pudding on November 18, 2011.  Christmas pudding is usually served on Christmas day.  It’s dark in appearance and filled with fruit and sometimes alcohol like brandy.  It’s so very tasty!!  I wish this was a tradition in the USA.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I headed up to London by train.  We checked out one Vans store.  I wanted to buy pink Hello Kitty shoes that I saw listed in a magazine.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the shoes – but an employee told us that the Covent Garden location has it in stock.

We walked to the Vans in Covent Garden.  We met up with Ivan’s brother Neal there.  I found my pink shoes in size UK 2.  I have really small feet.  The shoes are soo cute!!


We walked to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland


It’s a big area filled with food and retail stalls, carnival rides and an ice skating rink. 


We had a tradlnik and a cup of hot honey mead.  It definitely warmed us up! 

I was still hungry and bought some french fries.  Lil Dave couldn’t find any hot banana mead, so he was a bit bummed.  Ivan signed us up earlier for a time slot for ice skating.  Ivan, Neal and I each had a cup of mulled wine while we waited.

We waited in line at the ice skating building.  We got our ice skates and headed to the rink.  There weren’t any monkey sized ice skates, so Lil Dave rode on Ivan’s back.  Good thing Ivan didn’t fall! 

There was a band playing in the middle of the rink.  It was fun skating around the rink.  I was really getting into it.  It hurts my ankles after awhile though. 

We all walked to Nando’s for dinner.  Ivan and I each had a delicious beanie pita while Lil Dave got a banana burger.

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