Ideal Mexican

I woke up at 1 pm on November 17, 2011 – for some reason I couldn’t wake up.  Ivan was already awake.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch and got ready to head out.  We headed to London by train at 3 pm.

We went to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas at Earls Court.


There was lots of things there like fashion, health and beauty, jewelry, home stuff, furniture, food and beverages and hot tubs.  We walked around the big exhibition venue sampling food and drinks.  We bought curry sauce, jam and bamboo socks for Ivan.  Lil Dave bought some tasty banana jam.  Our feet were so tired from walking around so much.  We left around 8 pm.

We went to the city.  We walked to the Mexican restaurant Wahaca.  It was really busy inside the restaurant.  A guy told us that there was a 30 minute wait.  Ivan put his name down and told him we’d be back in 30 minutes.

We walked around and came back 30 minutes later.  We told a lady that we were waiting for a table.  She said the wait wasn’t that long, but she didn’t give us a buzzer.  The guy from earlier was calling people and setting off the buzzers.  I was sat down while Ivan was standing.  Ivan noticed that the guy was calling people ahead of us.  He told the guy we needed a buzzer and that we were waiting for awhile now.  He finally called us and said that he thought the party wasn’t ready since he only saw Ivan and not me.

We sat down and checked out the menu.  A manager came over and asked us what happened.  Ivan told him.  He apologized for the misunderstanding.  He gave us two free mojitos.  The mojitos were lovely.  Our waiter was very friendly.


The food was delicious as usual.  It’s always great food and service at Wahaca.  I really wish we had  a unique Mexican restaurant that was cheap in Las Vegas.

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