Carpet Beat

Ivan, Lil Dave and I met up with Ivan’s parents in London on November 16, 2011.  We bought tickets for the musical Backbeat.  Ivan and I got closer seats in the front row this time.

We went to eat at the organic vegetarian restaurant Vitao.  It’s buffet style.  The food was good.  Denise didn’t think it was that good though.

Ivan and I stopped at a store to buy an inflatable booster seat for me.  We walked to the Duke of York Theatre to see Backbeat.  Ivan’s parents were sitting in the royal circle seats while Ivan and I were sitting in the front row.  The musical is about the early days of The Beatles.  It was our second time seeing it which was even better in the front row since it was really loud.  Ivan and I agree that you feel so attached when you’re sitting in the royal circle.

We walked to Princi to get dessert.  Ivan wished that he thought of this restaurant earlier for lunch.  Ivan’s mum really liked the selection. 


The restaurant has pasta, pizza, breads, cakes, tea and wine.  Denise and Ken shared dessert with tea.  Ivan and I shared a pear tart and a chocolate cake with some tea.


It was so very tasty.

We said goodbye to Ivan’s parents.  They were headed back home. 

Ivan and I went to see if there was any tickets for the play The Lion in Winter.  There wasn’t any available, so we walked to Leicester Square Theatre. 


Ivan bought tickets for Stewart Lee – Carpet Remnant World.  Stewart Lee is a comedian.  The show was rather boring.  Stewart Lee even admitted that he didn’t have good material since he doesn’t do much anymore since he has children now.  There were two people sat next to Ivan who thought it was the funniest thing ever.  It wasn’t funny at all.

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