Mexican Shopping

Ivan and I woke up at 10 am on November 12, 2011.  Jo was already up since 6 am since he’s so used to getting up early for work.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t just sleep in during the weekends. 

Ivan arranged to meet up with his brother Neal at the Westfield Mall.  Neal lives in Stratford where the mall is located.  Jo needed to buy a power lead for a monitor, so he said he would drive us there.

We drove to the Westfield Mall which is the largest mall in Europe.  We walked around.  This time Ivan and I got to walk around.  There were ots of people in the mall.  We said thanks and good bye to Jo.  He walked into a computer shop while we walked to Wahaca. 

Neal arrived a few minutes later.  We all had lots of tasty Mexican food at Wahaca.  I wish they had a restaurant in Las Vegas.  The food is always good at very reasonable prices.

We said bye to Neal.  Ivan and I shopped awhile at Primark.  This huge store has clothes, accessories and shoes for very cheap.

We got a train back to Southend.

Ivan and I used the internet.

Later on, we had dinner with Denise and Ken at the house.


Ivan and I took it easy the rest of the evening – we watched the tv show Life’s Too Short on the laptop.

Source: Life’s Too Short picture

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