Greek Dance Party 4000

Ivan was up early on November 11, 2011.  A courier came early to pick-up Ivan’s birth certificate and financials, so it could be delivered to the U.S. Embassy. 

I worked on the blog.

We had lunch with Denise and Ken.  There was lots of food: potato latkes, fish cakes, naan bread, soup and fruit salad.

Ivan and I used the internet for awhile.  It was late at 6 pm when we headed to London.

We went to get dinner at The Real Greek.  Ivan and I shared a few different items with a special. 


We got Greek flatbread with olive oil & dukkah, taramasalata, halloumi skewers, Greek coleslaw, tiropitakia and grilled halloumi.  Lil Dave got some banana Greek dishes made up like banana dip and banana skewers.  The food was delicious!!

At 8:20 pm, we met up with our friend Jo at Liverpool Street station.  We weren’t sure what pub to go to since everything seemed crowded.  We walked around and talked about traveling and life.  It was great to catch up with Jo since we haven’t seen him in since April.  We still couldn’t believe that Jo quit his job and will be doing independent contract work.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to go travel more.

Ivan told Jo we were taking him to an event.  Ivan asked if it was okay if we spent the night at his place since the trains don’t run all night.  Jo said that was fine.  We started walking towards Bethnal Green. 

We went to the Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club.  Jo thought the place looked weird and asked the guard what this event was all about.  It wasn’t open yet.  Ivan said it would be a unique event.  It was Time Out’s Alternative nights out event for the week. 

We stopped at a coffee shop. Ivan and I each got an espresso.

We went back and got tickets for the Dance Party 4000 event.  I placed my bag in the cloakroom.  We were given a pack of tissues with the Dance Party 4000 logo on it.  Jo was freaking out and saying What do we need these for?  He didn’t know what was going to occur at the event. 

Cardioke was happening when we walked in the big room.  It’s karaoke while on an exercise machine.  Whoever has the most calories at the end wins a prize.  It looks really hard!  I think picking a long song helps while pacing yourself, so you don’t get too tired early on.  It was funny watching people run out of breath while trying to sing.  I was telling Ivan that he could win.  He doesn’t really like karaoke though.  The winner got a robot.  Ivan really should have tried to beat the highest score.


The Dance Party 4000 started.  We were being taught different aspects of interpretive dance.  Duotard were hosting.  They’re a husband and wife team named Mike and Jennifer from Canada.  Duotard were both wearing leotards.  The leotard doesn’t leave anything to the imagination if you know what I mean.

We danced around and learned the interpretive dance moves.  Duotard gave out a limited amount of free glow sticks with a ribbon attached to it.  It was fun waving it around like a gymnast.  Lil Dave had fun dancing on Ivan’s shoulder and jumping around.

A dance competition was coming up.  Ivan said I should enter.  It would be 12 different music genres in 7 minutes.  So, the contestants would have to use their interpretive dance skills for each music genre.  I raised my hand so I could be one of the contestants.  The host Mike asked me Can you dance to heavy metal?  I said Yeah!  I was one of the contestants of the contest.  There was lots of different music genres like heavy metal, pop, country and even a song by The Smiths.  I lit up when The Smiths came on (I love Morrissey.. he’s my favorite singer).  I tried to dance like he does with the flowers in his back pocket. I tried to be funny dancing with one of the other contestant and spanking his butt.  I really danced my butt off for those 7 minutes.  I was so knackered afterwards.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win.  I didn’t even get a vote from the four judges.  The guy who won did the Morrissey flower thing.. not sure how he got a flower though.  I was totally robbed of winning the dance competition.  I was screaming FIXED because I think the winner knew one of the judges.  The prize was a super soaker filled with Jagermeister.  I won a red Hot of Hot Breath fanny pack. 

The winner was giving people squirts of Jagermeister from his super soaker.  I got a squirt.  I was bummed that I didn’t win.  I did a unique dance for every music genre.  I’m known for it!! Ok, maybe in my own head..

Jo was really having LOTS of fun.  He told us that he was reborn and that he felt like he was now living his life.  I think he may have had too much wine.  I’m glad that he was enjoying himself. 

Dance Party 4000 is known for spinning a big wheel with different music genres.  Then, Duotard plays a song or two from that music genre.  We heard Surf Garage and it just sounded like Surfing Rock music.  We danced for awhile.  It was pretty fun.  The only problem was that they played too many songs of some music genres like 2 songs for Hip Hop… no thanks!! 

Dance Party 4000

The event was lots of fun.  We’re glad Jo seemed to REALLY enjoy it.  He needs to go out and enjoy London for that it offers. London is filled with many cool events every day. There’s many things to check out like museums and theatre as well. Time Out magazine is a great resource. Ivan told Jo he needs to pick up a copy to find more events like this one.

Ivan thought we should go check out the nightclub Fabric.  We got a cab there.  There was a massive line outside.  Ivan checked out to see if the line was moving and it was not even budging.  There was a big DJ on which explained why it was so busy.  Ivan asked one of the bouncers if he knew any clubs nearby that would still be open. 

We walked to a club nearby, but it just closed a few minutes ago.  We walked next door to a bar, but the music didn’t seem that good.

We walked to Jo’s place in Bow.  We got back around 4 am and went to sleep shortly after.


Crazy Mark

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left the house at 11:30 am on November 10, 2011 headed to London.  We picked up sandwiches at Pret a Manger.

We went to the Criterion Theatre to see Lunchtime with Mark Rylance.  Mark Rylance is a wonderful actor who stars in the awesome play Jerusalem.  An interviewer was asking him questions about acting and his roles.  It was hard to hear the interviewer.  He definitely needed a microphone.  At the end, people were allowed to ask questions.  Ivan wanted to ask if he gets distracted by the audience.  But, people were asking sophisticated questions.  The one hour talk was really good.

We went to see the movie The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn.  We ate our sandwiches during the movie.  The movie was alright, thought it would have be funnier. 

We walked to Covent Garden to check out the Real Food Market which is every Thursday. 


Christmas lights and decorations were up.  There was free spiced cider at a wagon near the tree.  It was really tasty and warmed us right up.

We saw a busker playing a tuba with fire coming out.  I don’t know how he makes the fire come out. 


It looks really cool though!

We walked around and popped in the Kidrobot store.

We went to eat at Busaba Eathai.  Ivan had the butternut squash curry while I had the cod fillet.  We shared a side dish of vegetables.  It was really tasty.

It was time to see some theatre.  We saw the musical Crazy For You.  We sat in the 2nd row in the dress circle.  Ivan and I think sitting in the dress circle isn’t as good as the stalls since you seem so detached from the action, plus it’s a lot louder in the stalls.  The musical was okay.  The songs weren’t that good with too many slow songs.  The story was lame and not very exciting.

We got the train later on back to Southend.

Source:  Tin Tin poster

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