London again

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 9 am on November 7, 2011.  We packed everything up and gave the keys back.

We walked to the train station.  The train was about to leave so we jumped on without buying tickets.  We saw a ticket inspector coming near us.  The lady asked us for our tickets.  Ivan said that we had to rush onto the train, so we didn’t get a chance to buy a ticket.  He asked if he could buy tickets.  The lady said no and there would be a fine of 750 Danish Krone ($136 USD).  We didn’t even have that much on us.  The lady saw that we were traveling to the airport.  She said that it would be fine this time.. but next time we’d better have a ticket. 

We arrived to the airport and checked in.

Ivan got Boingo internet and we both used the internet.  Our plane was due to take off at 12:05 pm, but the plane arrived late – so we ended up leaving at 12:40 pm.  The flight from Copenhagen to London, England was an hour and a half long.  We arrived at 1:05 pm.

I was waiting in the long line at Immigration.  One of the guys looked nice, so I hoped that I would get him.  The Immigration people are always a bit mean to me.  I got the nice guy and walked up.  He asked me the usual stuff.  He noticed that I wrote mime as my job (I put mime down to be funny, Ivan puts clown).  He said You put mime as a job.  What’s this mime?  I did a bit of miming.  He said Ohhh.  He was really interested in me being a mime.  He asked how long I’ve been doing it.  I said a year.  He said Do you do this in England?  I said Yes, but there’s a lot of competition in Covent Garden.  He said Are you going to get a proper job?  I said Yes, that’s why I’m going back to America.  He didn’t even ask for a return ticket.  He just wanted to know about my mime job.  How funny!!

We got our luggage and then took a train to London.  We stopped at the post office.  Ivan picked up some letters while I bought a few postcard stamps.  Ivan took the train to Southend because he forget his birth certificate there.  I went to Piccadilly Backpackers hostel to check in.  The guy at Reception said the elevator was broken, so I could leave my luggage downstairs to store.  I told him my boyfriend wouldn’t be there until later.

I went to Reception.  I got a really spaced out girl.  I was checking in for me and Ivan.  I asked for sheets.  She said that it wouldn’t be ready until 8 pm.  I thought she meant the rooms weren’t ready until 8 pm.  I said What am I going to do? and left the desk.  I went to the computer room and used the internet.

The guy from Reception had somebody bring my luggage up.  I kept using the internet for a few hours.  Ivan found me later.  Apparently it was a misunderstanding at Reception.  The sheets weren’t ready until 8 pm, not the room.  The stupid spacey girl didn’t even call after me to let me know.  I even came back later to get an internet card and she didn’t say a word to me.  I think she was high.  Ivan went to the room and nobody had seen me.  The employees at Reception said I checked in.  But, of course I didn’t get any keys or anything. 

We walked to The Comedy Store nearby. 


Ivan and I each got a boring falafel salad.  Lil Dave got a banana salad.  Ivan and I also had potato wedges which were okay.  There was a charity event going on tonight. 


We saw a few comedy comedians like Jack Dee, Jack Maloney, Alistair Barrie and The Boy with Tape on his Face.  The Boy with Tape on his Face was really funny.  Check out a video of him here.

Source: The Boy with Tape on his Face picture

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