Christiania Walking

On Nov. 7, 2011, Ivan, Lil Dave and I met at the Town Hall Square for the Sandeman’s Copenhagen free walking tour.  There was a huge group of people waiting for the tour to start.  The group was divided into three groups. 

We started walking with the Canadian guide Kirsten at 11 am.  We stopped at many places like the Tivoli Gardens, courthouse, Parliament, St. Nicholas’ church, Magasin du Nord, French National Theatre and NyHavn Harbor.  We took a 15 minute break at NyHavn. 


Ivan and I went to bakery nearby and got some bread.


Before the tour started again, we saw the changing of the guards.


The group walked along the harbor.  We stopped at Playwright theatre, the Opera house – which is on its own island, Frederick’s Church and the Royal Palace. 



At the end, Kirsten told us the story of the Danish James Bond.  It’s about a man who managed to escape Denmark twice and escape to England.  This was a great walking tour. 

We learned on the tour that Tivoli Gardens won’t be opening until November 11.  We really wanted to go to this amusement park.  The park will have lovely Christmas decorations.  We’ll have to return another time to come enjoy it.

We went to Restaurant Puk for lunch.  Ivan ordered Puk’s crown herring with aquavit, sour cream and dill.  Lil Dave got fried bananas with sour cream.  I got warm filet of flounder with tartare sauce.  We also had a weird mature cheese with jam.  I didn’t like it since the taste lingered while Ivan liked it.  It was a good meal.

We walked to Freetown Christiania


It’s an autonomous place within Copenhagen where hash is freely sold.  We have never seen marijuana so openly sold.  According to their sign, selling hash is illegal.  But, there were a few stalls throughout Christiania selling hash.  This place has been around for 40 years.  Pictures aren’t allowed, but I took a couple anyway. 


I had my DSLR camera around my neck without the lens on.  We stopped at a marijuana stall just to see it up close.  The guy at the stall asked if I could put the lens on my camera or put it away since they’re paranoid.  I bet they’re paranoid – they’re all potheads!  I put the lens on my camera.  I really wanted to see one of the cool houses that are made of mainly doors or glass windows, but we weren’t sure where they were located.  I found a picture of a house made out of glass windows on Google.


We walked outside of Christiania.  We walked further along and saw an area where you have to pay to get in.  Maybe that’s where the cool houses are.  There was a cool building outside that area.


We walked to a souvenir shop.  I bought a couple postcards to send out. 

We went back to the apartment to use the internet.

We went to a pizzeria nearby and picked up a few calzones.  Ivan and I watched the tv show Mongrels while we ate our dinner.

Source: Glass House picture

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