Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up early at 7:20 am on November 4, 2011.  We met up with the guy who rented the apartment to us.  He called a cab for us.  We said bye to him.  The cab left at 7:45 am headed to the airport.

We had a fast check-in at the small airport.  Our flight was set for 9:50 am, but it was delayed for an hour and forty minutes.  We were thankful for the free internet.  The food was expensive though.  Ivan and I each had a salad. 

The plane left at 11:30 am headed from Brno, Czech Republic to Malmo, Sweden.  I was so tired and fell asleep shortly after our plane took off.  Ivan watched Derren Brown: The Experiments show.  The plane landed at 11:10 pm.  There was no Immigration, so we just waited for our luggage and left the airport.

We got the bus to the city center in Malmo.  We weren’t meeting up with the Couchsurfer we were staying with until later tonight. 


We walked around the city center trying to find a good place for lunch.  Every place was so expensive.

We went to Piccolo Mondo for lunch.  Lil Dave got a special banana pizza for himself.  I got tuna and onion while Ivan had a great sardine pizza.

We walked around more.  Ivan found Folk A Rock, a record shop and café with free wi-fi.  Ivan ordered tea and a raspberry cake. 


The cake was so delicious!  We watched shows on the laptop like The Office.  We were there for three hours.  Ivan noticed one of the employees was giving us bad looks – guess we stayed there way too long.  Ivan bought a water. 

We left to meet up at John’s apartment which was only a few minutes away.  We arrived before the couchsurfer John.  He came five minutes later.  We said hello to him.  He said he had to pick up his daughter from daycare and that he’d be back shortly. 

We settled into our room for the night.  John came back with his cute daughter.  John’s friend Christoph came to visit a few minutes later.  We chatted with John and Christoph for awhile drinking white wine.  Christoph said bye since he was headed downtown.  We chatted with John drinking wine and watching videos on Youtube.  John told us about Sweden and Freetown Christiania in Denmark.  John brought a bottle of whisky and we had some of it as well.  It was strong.

Ivan and I didn’t have any dinner that night – only a liquid dinner.  It was getting quite late.  We said good night to John and went to bed at 2 am.

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