Wine and Tea

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to Gerloczy Café and Restaurant for lunch on November 3, 2011.  Ivan and I shared a pumpkin roll with cheese and vegetables with cod.  Lil Dave got a banana roll and a banana salad.

We walked around.  Ivan found a good teahouse to check out.  We went to Teahaz.  The menu had lots of teas.  Ivan and I chose some flavored black teas while Lil Dave got a banana tea. 


The tea cups are little bowls, so you have to use both hands to pick them up.  Lil Dave decided to get a banana cake but it didn’t taste like banana at all.  Ivan and I got a raspberry cake to share.


We walked around the Buda part and I took some pictures.

We walked to Faust Wine Cellar.   It’s a cool wine cellar underground. 


Ivan and I got to try 4 red wines and 4 white wines.  We ordered a cheese plate as well.  Our sommelier would tell us about the wine before we tasted it.  It was great finding out about the wine and what he thought it tasted like.  I really don’t think it matters though.. if it’s good, it’s good. 


We got drunk drinking all the wines.  It was a great experience and reasonably priced. 

We walked to a fish restaurant (can’t recall the name).  Ivan and I each had a Hungarian fish soup which was very tasty.


We walked back to the apartment stuffed.

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