Ruin Tour

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to get food on November 1, 2011 before the free walking tour.  The bread lángos stall wasn’t open yet, so we got a pumpkin seed pretzel.  It was rather tasteless though. 

We went to meet at Vörösmarty square up for the free walking tour.  Our guide was a man named Andrew.  Budapest is divided into two parts: Buda and Pest.  Buda is hilly while Pest is flat. 


The tour took us to many places like József nádor Square, Erzsébet square, St. Stephen’s Basilica and Matthias Church.  I love walking tours since it covers all the best sites in the city. 

There’s a Lock of Love tree in Erzsébet square. 


If you love somebody, you put a lock on this tree.  Very cool idea!

We walked up a big hill and got a great view of the city.


The tour ended near Matthias Church. 


Our guide told us tips and recommendations for the city.  When you pay for your bill in Budapest, don’t say thank you – because if you say thank you, they will think you don’t want any change back.  Andrew recommended a few ruin bars and bath houses. 

The guide had a R2D2 belt.. I told Ivan anybody with an R2D2 belt is cool with me. I love Star Wars!

We stopped by a lookout that was free right by the Matthias Church.  Ivan and I took a few pictures there.


Ivan and I walked to the bread lángos stall.  We each got one with cheese on it.


Lil Dave got cheese and added his bananas on top.  I love these bread lángos!!!  We also got a trdalnik, the sweet pastry, with cinnamon.

We walked back to the apartment.  Ivan used the internet while I worked on the blog.

Later, we walked to Klassz for dinner.  It’s a great restaurant.  Ivan and I shared roasted smoked paprika soup, pumpkin salad, goats cheese lasagne and fairy ring risotto.  Lil Dave got banana soup and a banana lasagne.  The food was quite tasty!

We wanted to do a pub tour, but nobody was really there.  Ivan thought we should try to do it tomorrow instead.

We walked to the ruin pub Instant


Ruin pubs are old abandoned buildings that have been transformed into cool bars filled with weird art. 


It was a really quiet night with very few people inside.  There are many rooms including a few bars and a place for live music.  We stayed for a short time since not much was really going on.

Source: Instant bunny art installation picture

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