On October 31, 2011, Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 7:20 am.  Veronika was the only one at the apartment.  There was lots of food available like toast, eggs and vegetables. 

Veronika walked us to the tram stop and told us what tram to get to the train station.  We said thank you and good-bye to her.  The tram came quickly and we were off to the train station.

We got tickets for Budapest.  We took the train at 8:24 am headed to Budapest, Hungary.  Ivan and I watched the movie Human Centipede II which turned out to be an okay movie.. not good like the first one.  It was gory and gross, but not an interesting story.  We also watched episodes of Pete Versus Life.  The train journey was 4 hours and 11 minutes.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were all hungry.  Ivan saw a stall selling bread lángos.  It’s a bread covered with cheese or other things like pork.  We each got one with cheese.  Lil Dave added his own bananas on top.  They tasted sooo good!

We walked to the apartment we rented through AirBnB.  We met up with the guy who rents it out. 

Ivan used the internet while I worked on the blog. 


We walked around Budapest for awhile.  I was checking out the souvenir shops.

Ivan and I got a hot mulled wine.  It definitely warms you up and tastes great!

We went to the Greek restaurant Taverna DIonysos for dinner. 


Ivan and I shared eggplant salad, spinach strudel, lentil soup, smoked fish filet and sole with cheese.  Lil Dave got a banana salad,  banana soup and banana strudel.  The food was delicious!!

We walked around some more.  We saw people dressed up in the square for Halloween.  Not much going on there though.

We walked back to the apartment.  Ivan and I used the internet and later I worked on the blog.

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