We were rudely woken up at 8 am on October 27, 2011.  There was REALLY loud construction noise going outside the apartment.  How annoying!!!  I went back to sleep while Ivan didn’t.  I woke up at 10 am.

Ivan and I went to find breakfast really quick.  We wanted to check out a free walking tour at 11 am.  We stopped at a vegetarian restaurant called Country Life.  Ivan and I shared a tomato soup.  Lil Dave got a banana sandwich.


We walked to the Clock Tower to meet for the Free walking tour.  Our guide was a crazy, funny Swedish and Czech guy named Christian.  We checked out many places in Old Town including Old Town Square, Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, St. Nicholas’ Church and the Estates Theatre. 


Then, we went to the New Town such as places like the National Museum, Republic Square, Powder Tower, the House of the Black Madonna and the Museum of Cubism. 



We stopped at Bohemia Bagel for lunch.  The bagels are expensive and very plain here.  I wish they had the bagels from Jerusalem – those are 1000% better!

The group started walking to the Old Jewish Quarter. 


Here, we saw the Spanish Synagogue, cemetery that has 3 levels of bodies buried there and the Pinkas Synagogue.  This was a great 3 hour tour.

We walked so much during the tour.  Ivan and I went to the store to buy thicker jumpers (sweaters) since it was REALLY cold out.  Ivan and I bought jumpers at C&A.  Our guide was right that clothes were expensive in Prague.  Luckily, our jumpers were on sale.

We went to Café Colore for lunch.  Ivan and I shared a kulajda soup which is Czech.  It was a tasty soup which came with mushroom, potatoes and egg.  Lil Dave got a salad with bananas and chicken.  Ivan and I shared a warm vegetarian salad with beetroot, walnuts and goat’s cheese which was rather boring.

We walked back to the apartment to get some rest.  Ivan and I took showers.

We walked to the Old Town Square to find the Beer Tour which is run by the same company who do the free walking tour.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the right tourist information office.  We seemed to have missed the tour by a few minutes.  Ivan thought we should try a place that had entertainment and dinner.  Ivan asked the tourist information office about it.  The lady gave us a map.

We tried to find the place, but we gave up.  It’s not easy to find.  Ivan and I checked out restaurants in the area to see which one was the best choice.  We ended up at U Schnellu.  It’s so strange that you can smoke in restaurants and bars in Czech Republic.  Ivan and I shared a boring onion soup for a starter.  We also got marinated Camembert, baked trout and grilled vegetables.  Lil Dave got marinated bananas and a banana kebab.  The food was good.

Ivan and I went to Starbucks to get an espresso.  We needed to be awake for the bar crawl.

Ivan and I went to the Clock Tower to meet up for the Clock Tower Bar Crawl.  We didn’t see many people there.  A Mexican guy took us to the first bar which was below the Old Jewish cemetary in a church.  Apparently, there were people already there for the bar crawl.  The Mexican guy asked us if we had a flyer which provided a discount.  We didn’t, but he said that we should tell the lady that we found out about the crawl through him.

The church was pretty cool.  Most of the people were in group at the bar crawl.  There wasn’t a central table like in the last Clock Tower crawl we did in Krakow, Poland.  It would have been better, so everybody can chat and get to know each other. 

The first 2 hours of the crawl includes free drinks.  There was absinthe shots, beer, wine with vodka and rum (sounds like a deadly combination!) and alcohol with mixers.  Ivan and I had a beer, but it wasn’t good.  We got a rum and coke which was alright.  We decided to get a absinthe shot. 


There was a crappy band playing in the church.  It was so loud and stuffy in there from the smoke.  Ivan and I popped outside for a breather.

The group left the church at 11 pm.  We headed to our next bar which was the Iron Curtain.  This is a cool bar with 200 old Czech and Slovak Communist art and junk pieces.


It’s a great themed bar.  I wish Vegas had something like this!  Ivan noticed our guide Christian from the walking tour there.  We said hi.  Ivan thought he didn’t look happy to see us AT ALL.  Ivan and I walked around to check out the cool décor.  Ivan went back to talk to Christian.  He was with a friend.  Ivan asked him about the map above the main bar.  The cities listed were important during the war.

We went to our next bar where we got another free shot of something watered down.  I don’t remember the bar’s name or anything.  This bar had cheesy music playing.  I was dancing around.  I met two girls on the pub crawl named Steph and Ely.  They were really sweet.  I danced with them.  Ivan was talking to two American guys.  Ivan wasn’t sure if we got left by the pub crawl group.  It seemed like we were at this bar for a really long time.  The music started getting really good.  A few minutes later, somebody from the pub crawl said it was on to the next bar.

The last bar was super packed.  We tried to get in, but somehow were denied access since it was so busy.  I guess we had to be with one of the guides to get in.  Ivan and I really wanted to get in for some reason.  One of the guides helped us get in with Steph and Ely.  The bar was soo crowded.  Ivan and I only stayed a few minutes, before going back upstairs. 

I exchanged e-mails with Steph.  I told her she should visit Las Vegas.  We said bye to them.  We headed back to the apartment.  Thank goodness for the GPS and Google Maps (which can now be cached – what a godsend!).

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