Soccer Elements

Ivan was already awake on October 24, 2011 when Lil Dave and I woke up at 10 am.  He went to the Sudoku Challenge.  He won again (he’s so smart!) and won a pack of cards and a cup coozie.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went to eat at the breakfast buffet.

Ivan and I watched the tv show Miranda in the room.  We went to the Great Outdoors and watched Frankie Boyle on the laptop while drinking a nice Mangopolitan which was the Drink of the Day.  Lil Dave went to the kids room to see if he could play with the kids.

We headed up to the basketball court.  We wanted to play in the Staff vs. Guests soccer game.  There was lots of guests there, but not many staff – so, the staff took a few guests on their team.

I haven’t played in years, so I wasn’t much help.  Ivan is alright.  We had two really good players on our team.  So, I let them play by staying out of their way and tried to kick it if it came my way.  Half-time came.  An Asian guy (I think he was Chinese, but Ivan thought he was Filipino) told me to cover the tall Turkish guy or anybody really.  Right, he was way taller than me.  I’d try, but it would be a bit difficult I think.  We ended up winning the game 4-2.


We went to the Officer’s Profile with the captain, chief engineer and the hotel manager.  It’s a Q&A session.  The Hotel Manager was funny.  The captain looked young, most captains are a lot older.  Ivan asked a lot of questions along with other guests on the ship.  It was interesting to find out what goes on on the ship.

Ivan and I grabbed an ice cream cone at the buffet and headed to the pool area.  We played a few games of table tennis.  Then, we chilled out in the jacuzzi.

We headed back to to the room and relaxed for awhile.  Ivan and I took showers.

Later on, we went to see the Elements show in the Stardust Theatre.  It was dancing, magic, and aerial acts.  The magic was cheesy, but it was a good show.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I checked out the desserts at the Chocolate Buffet.


Lil Dave got lots of bananas dipped in chocolate and banana chocolate cake.  Ivan and I enjoyed a few things.

Ivan and I headed to the dining room.  Lil Dave was too full from all the banana desserts.  Dinner was watermelon and feta cheese salad, fried calamari and Norwegian salmon.  The salad and salmon were good.

We walked around the ship taking some pictures.


We were tired, so we walked back to the room to get some rest.

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