Ivan, Lil Dave and I grabbed food at the breakfast buffet on October 19, 2011 before leaving the cruise ship in Limassol, Cyprus.

We walked to the exit of the port.  There was a man holding a sign with Ivan’s name on it.  We were doing a buggy tour today with Sayious Adventure Park.

The man drove us to his house which took 45 minutes.  I was really tired, but managed to stay awake during the ride.

The man gave us outfits to put over our clothes so we wouldn’t get dusty.

Ivan and I put our helmets on and jumped inside a buggy.  Lil Dave sat in my lap.  He was a bit frightened since little monkey helmets weren’t available.

The man rode a bigger buggy and started guiding us through the mountains.  Ivan likes driving fast.  We didn’t go THAT fast.. but it was exciting riding up in the mountains.  The view was quite lovely.  We were driving close to the edge of the mountain.  It was best not to look down – otherwise, you might get scared of falling off.

We stopped in a village.  The man took us inside a house.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I were served tea.  We chatted for a few minutes with our guide while drinking our tea.


Later on, we stopped at a lake and took some pictures.  Then, we went off to further explore.

We saw an old tunnel and an old mine.  The weather was warm and quite nice.

We drove more in the scenic mountains.


It was lots of fun during our 2 1/2 hour buggy tour.  I highly recommend this tour, if you want some adventure in Cyprus.

Our guide took us into Limassol.

We found a café.  Ivan got a local beer while I had a glass of red wine.  Lil Dave drank a banana tea.  Ivan used the internet on the laptop.  I forgot the phone, so I just relaxed and enjoyed the weather.

Ivan and I were hungry.  We walked further along to Caballeros Restaurant for lunch.  Ivan and I shared tzakiti, cod dip and grilled halloumi cheese.   Lil Dave got a banana dip and a banana pita.  The dips and cheese were really tasty.

The NCL bus was leaving soon for the port.  We went back on the ship.

Ivan and I put our stuff in the room.  Then, we went to the Spinnaker Lounge for the Cypriotic Folklore Show.  Folk dancing to Cypriotic music began.  We saw two men dancing with a napkin.  The men kept hitting their hands on their boots making a loud sound.  At the end, a man put a glass of water upside down on top of a cloth on his head.  Then, more glasses were added on top of the glass – sometimes added by women in the audience.  He danced around the room with the glasses.  I think he ended up with 10 glasses on top of his head.  An announcer said that his record is 40 glasses.  But, the ceiling in the lounge wasn’t tall enough for that many glasses.

Later on, we went to have dinner.  Ivan and I started with a tomato soup and a salad with apples and walnuts.  Lil Dave got a banana penne pasta.  Ivan went with the vegetable calzone and the salmon.  I had the teriyaki sesame chicken kebabs.  The teriyaki sauce was nice, but the chicken was a little tough.  Ivan and I shared an apple pie for dessert.

We sat down in the Stardust Theatre to see 4Ever which is four guys singing.  We stayed for two songs.  They sounded good, but we didn’t really care to hear any more singing.  It usually gets boring after awhile.

It was time to head back to the room.  The Housekeeping staff turns down your room.  We found Lil Dave posing on the bed next to a monkey towel animal who was in the same pose.


How cute!

We watched a show on the laptop before going to sleep early.

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