The Norwegian Jade arrived at 8 am on October 18, 2011 in Alanya, Turkey.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 10 am.  We grabbed food at the breakfast buffet.


We got off the boat and headed into the seaside town Alanya.  We walked around trying to find internet.  The town seemed pretty quiet with not much to do.  Ivan thought there would be free wi-fi at McDonald’s, but there wasn’t.

We walked towards the port.  We ended up at a café that had free internet if you bought something.  Ivan got a Efes Turkish beer while I got a Turkish coffee.  Lil Dave got a Turkish banana shake.  Ivan used the internet on the laptop.  I checked out my Facebook and Hanging with Friends games on the phone.

Ivan read about a good restaurant nearby called Red Tower.  So we walked up to the restaurant.  We checked out the menu outside the restaurant and it seemed fine.  We sat down, but the menu was different with more expensive prices.  We left and went next door.

The Yakamoz Restaurant has a good menu with reasonable prices.  There was a lovely view from the restaurant.  Lil Dave got white bananas with cheese and a banana salad.  Ivan and I shared tomato soup, white cheese, white beans and a stuffed aubergine.  The food was good especially the aubergine.

We walked along and I saw a nice view of the ship.


We walked to another café and used the internet for awhile.

At 2:30 pm, we boarded the Norwegian Jade.

We grabbed snacks at the buffet.  Ivan and I watched Luther on the laptop while eating a snack at The Great Outdoors.  The Great Outdoors has a small buffet with outside seating.

Later on, we went to have dinner.  Ivan and I each got the potato and leek soup for an appetizer.  Ivan decided on the trout and the Norwegian salmon.  I got the salmon gnocchi which was very stodgy.  It looked like the gnocchi was fried.  I only had two bites and decided to order the salmon instead.

The Showdown show was the entertainment tonight in the theatre.  It was going to be a singing competition with dancing.  The audience would get to choose the winner.  The dancing and singing were pretty lame, so we left the show early.

We returned to our room to get some sleep since we had an early start tomorrow.

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