Quick Games

Ivan was already up when I woke up on November 17, 2011.  It was our second sea day onboard the Norwegian Jade cruise ship.

We checked out the breakfast buffet.  Then, we walked around the ship.

Later on, we had lunch at the buffet.

Everybody on the ship had to go to the lounge for Israeli Immigration.  An officer looked at our passports.

Ivan and I watched an episode of British crime drama Luther in our room.  Lil Dave decided to go play in the arcade.

It was time for the art auction.  The only reason we go is for the free champagne.  Ivan had to register so we could get a glass of champagne.  The art gallery is run by Park West.  We’ve seen this company before on the Carnival cruise ships.  It’s all a big scam.  We stayed a few minutes and watched the art up for auction.  I was surprised that they sold a few paintings that went for a few thousand dollars.  Overall, Park West wasn’t selling much art.

We met up with Lil Dave at the Medusa Lounge for the Fun & Games contest.  One of the entertainment staff, a Turkish guy, was in charge of the game.  The contest had 6 people and 1 monkey competing.  Each person or monkey was handed a hat and a straw (to symbolize a cigarette).  The game involved doing the opposite of the Turkish guy.  If he was standing, we should be sitting.  If he had the straw in his hand, we should have it in our mouth.  If he put his hat on his head, we would have the hat in our hand.  The game moved pretty fast.  Ivan and I ended up being in the running to win.  We’re both very competitive.  I messed up and Ivan won the game.  He won a cup coozie.

There weren’t any events that interested us, so we went down to our room.  Lil Dave decided to take a monkey nap.  Ivan and I watched the thriller movie Human Centipede.  It turned out to be a great movie.

It was time to see a show in the Stardust Theatre.  Flash and Fever are a married couple.  The couple did fast quick change.  It looks really cool seeing a lady change into a new outfit within seconds.  We also saw plate spinning, magic and the guy moved around and did cool ladder acrobatics.

Watch the ladder acrobatics:

It was a great entertaining show.

Next, we went to dinner.  I had the good French onion soup while Ivan got the broccoli soup.  Lil Dave got a banana stuffed chicken dish.


I got the cod in a gumbo sauce while Ivan got the Norwegian salmon  The meal turned out alright.

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