Norwegian Cruise

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left by train at 10:50 am on October 15, 2011.  We arrived at Termini and got tickets for another train journey.

Ivan bought spinach and cheese sandwiches and a banana sandwich (for Lil Dave, of course!).

The train ride took an over an hour to reach Cevitecchia.  We walked two blocks and then across the street to the port.  After going through Security, we arrived to the check-in for the Norwegian Jade.  A lady gave Ivan and me a piece of paper with the number 6 on it.  There was a waiting area with seats.  We had to wait until our number was called.  Another lady was calling for the number 1.  Ivan pretended like he had the number 1 and we skipped the waiting time.  I was glad since I really wanted to get on the ship to grab some lunch.

A woman gave us our keys.  She told us that they would hold on to our passports.  We would get them back when Israeli Immigration was onboard.

It was 1:30 pm when we boarded the Norwegian Jade.  We headed towards our room, but unfortunately the rooms wouldn’t be ready until 2 pm.  So, we headed to the buffet.  Ivan and I got fish and aubergine.  Lil Dave munched on two bananas.

Afterwards, we walked down to our interior room.  It’s a small room with no windows.  We figured that we’d spend less on the room and splurge on the excursions on land.

At the start of every cruise, everybody must go to their muster station.  This is the station we go to if an emergency arises.  We went to the Bistro for our muster station.  An announcement was made about how to properly put on our life jacket.

Ivan and I headed back to the room to change into our swimming costumes (swimsuits).  Then, we headed up to the jacuzzi.


We saw Lil Dave eating a banana burger.  Ivan and I each got a veggie burger.  We chilled in the Spinnaker lounge and read our books.  I’m currently reading Lee Evans’ biography.

It was time to get ready for dinner.

Lil Dave went to the buffet to grab a few bunches of bananas.  Ivan and I headed to the Grand Pacific dining room.  On the Norwegian Jade anytime dining is available for the main dining rooms.  We’ve previously gone on three Carnival cruises where there’s a set time for dining or anytime dining.  The Jade also has lots of restaurants where you have to pay a charge per person.  It’s nice for the option, but we always just eat in one of the dining rooms.

The hostess gave us a beeper since there was a wait.  The beeper buzzes anywhere on the ship.  It was a short wait until it buzzed.

The hostess asked if we wanted to share or eat alone.  Ivan said we could share.  We were given a table for two.  Ivan started off with polenta and a shrimp on top of fingerling potato (which turned out to be potato salad).  I got cream of mushroom soup for an appetizer.


For our main courses, we both got the broiled lobster and red snapper.  The lobster was very, very dry and the snapper was boring.  We decided to try a Moroccan rice cake which turned out rather plain.  The meal was really tasteless.  I just hope the quality of the food gets better during the cruise.

We walked to the Stardust Theatre.  The British cruise director Jill introduced the show. She’s really plastic and not funny at all.  Jill told the audience that if we liked something we should clap.  Dancing from the Jade dancers were up first.  Next, Duo Volgyi was on.  It’s a woman and man doing an aerial act with the two long cloths.  Ivan and I have seen this way too many times.  It’s good to watch for a few minutes.. then it gets old.  The audience did as Jill said and clapped like every 5 minutes.  How annoying!  The show lasted an hour.  It was alright.

Ivan and I headed back to the room to get some rest.

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