Thai Party

Ivan and I had poached eggs and garlic naan bread for lunch on October 5, 2011.  Lil Dave had a banana salad. 

We got the train to London.

Later on, we had dinner at Busaba Eathai.  Ivan and I shared an aubergine salad.  Lil Dave got a banana curry.  Ivan got a tasty monkfish curry. 


I had a delicious cod fillet which was nice and spicy.

We got the train to Caledonian Road.  Ivan picked up tickets for the Office Party.  An employee put our names on name badges.  We were assigned to the Marketing department.  Trina, the head of the Marketing department, showed us to the bar area. 


Some of the departments were taken to different rooms.  Trina took us to the main room.  We sat down and did a few stretches.  She said it was for the dancing later on.  Ivan and I thought it was a bit pointless though.  Next, we had some free sparkling cider shots. 

Later, the rest of the departments joined us.  A DJ was playing music. 

It was time for a balloon game.  10 members of each department were chosen.  The object of the game was to get three balloons passed to the front of each team.  Whoever finished first, won the game.  Our team figured out that one person would put the balloon between their legs.  The next person would then grab the balloon with their teeth and then repeat the same process.  The Marketing team ended up winning!  It was cool because the prize was a bottle of brandy.  Ivan poured out the brandy into numerous cups for our team.

The heads of the department sang a song.  We saw a very camp and funny motivational speaker.

A pudding contest went on.  A guy from our team won.  The prize was 50% off drinks for our team.

There was more dancing.  Lil Dave liked to dance around the room.  He wasn’t sure what to make of the rest of it though.

We saw a cabaret show.  I was a bit shocked when both of the performers took off all their clothes.  Ivan said that was pretty normal.

Another contest happened.  Our team had to create a new look for one of our members.  It looked like we would have won this one. The contest ended early when one of the guys started getting mad and jumping around the room and onto the walls.  Somebody thought it was real, but it was part of the show. 

The Office Party was really fun.  It’s best that you participate and get into it.  My only complaint was that the theatre was really warm.

Source: Office Party photo


Red Towers

On October 4, 2011, I worked on the blog.

Ivan and I got the train to London.

We went to see the movie Red State.  This is a film written and directed by Kevin Smith.


It’s very different from his other movies which are comedies.  The story is about three teenage boys who go to have sex with an older woman.  They’re captured by a religious fundamentalist group and events escalate from there.  Ivan and I were engrossed in this wonderful thriller movie.

Later on, we met Neal (Ivan’s brother) at Embankment station.  We walked to the R.S. Hispaniola boat.  Tonight, we were doing the Faulty Towers Experience.  It’s an interactive dining experience based on the British tv show Fawlty Towers.  We ordered drinks at the bar.  Basil Fawlty walks around the bar area.  He gets Manuel to serve food.  Manuel, a Spanish man who speaks a limited amount of English, was serving peanuts on a serving tray.  He was handing them out one by one.

We were seated at our tables.  There was 30 people dining.  Basil tells Manuel what to do.  He doesn’t really understand though.  Basil tells him to put the bread on people’s plates.  But, he misunderstands and rolls on a plate.  He filled most of our glasses with all the water in the pitcher.  I saw him move a man’s chair to another part of the table.  Sybil Fawlty yells at Basil telling him what to do.  Basil makes fun of a few German guests.

At one point, Manuel tries to hide from Basil.  He ends up on Neal’s lap and covers himself with a napkin.


The food was average.  We started with a tomato and basil soup and mushroom risotto for our main course.

Manuel ends up doing lots of funny things like standing on a table while fanning a napkin over a woman’s head.


Sybil wants Basil to do a fire drill.  Basil tells everybody what to do in case of fire.  Sybil gets mad that he didn’t do the fire drill correctly.  Basil gets Manuel to do it.  Manuel pulls a girl and me out of our seats telling us to leave for the fire drill.

The story does follow a few things that happen in the tv series like Basil getting Manuel to bet on a horse for him and Manuel losing his mouse (which is actually a rat).

It was a funny experience.  The show stopped right before dessert with the cast bowing and the diners clapping.  Michael Davoren, who plays Basil Fawlty, puts on a great performance. Manuel was really funny.  Ivan and I thought they should continue the story all throughout dinner.  Ivan thinks they should have spread out the story more.  Also, it would have been great if they created more original funny moments.

Source: Red State poster

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