Back Number

On October 3, 2011, Ivan and I had Szechuan noodles at the house.  Lil Dave had a banana and honey sandwich.

We got the train into London.

We walked to the Trocadero.  It was time to see a movie.  We went to see What’s Your Number? 


It’s about Ally Darling, played by Anna Faris, who reads a magazine article about the average number of partners a woman has slept with.  She believes she’s never going to find a man, so she looks at her ex boyfriends to find love.  The movie is funny, but predictable. 

Dinner time was approaching.  We went to Corean Chili.  Ivan and I shared an appetizer with spicy  tofu and rice cake. 


I got a lovely tofu stew with seafood while Ivan got his favorite spicy cod soup.  Lil Dave had bananas with a Korean chili sauce.  It was a pretty good meal.

We walked to the Duke of York’s Theatre.  Tonight, we were seeing the musical Backbeat


We sat down in the second row of the Royal Circle.  The musical is about the life of Stu Sutcliffe and the early story of The Beatles.  The story is very interesting.  The music sounded lovely and was very loud.  Lots of songs were played like Johnny B. Goode, Twist & Shout, Please Mr. Postman and Rock n’ Roll Music.  Daniel Heely did an excellent job at playing Paul McCartney.  He sounded just like him.  He even moved his head like Paul did when he was singing.  I definitely recommend this brilliant musical. 

Source: What’s Your Number? poster


Salmon Store

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at the house on October 2, 2011.  I had roasted vegetables and chickpeas curry with naan bread.  It was quite tasty.

Ken gave us a ride to the train station.  We headed into London.

Ivan and I went to The Blue Posts to watch The Fallen Heroes play.  We were able to get seats since we arrived early.  It always gets crowded in the pub on Sundays.  People listen outside.  We each had a cider while we listened to the band play jazz, blues and soul.


The band always sounds great.

We headed to The Comedy Store at 6 pm.  We waited for 30 minutes in the queue (line).  Ivan and I picked up our tickets for the Comedy Store Players.  We saved our seats by putting a jacket on two seats in the second row.  We definitely prefer the front row, but all the seats were already reserved.

We walked to Satsuma for dinner.  Ivan and I shared a tofu steak.  Lil Dave got a banana soba.


Ivan got a salmon katsu while I got salmon teriyaki.  The food was tasty.

It was time to see improv.  The Comedy Store Players are so hilarious.  Paul Merton was on and he always adds something extra.  He’s so very funny.  Improv is great to see since it’s always different.

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