Funny Mackerel

Ivan, Lil Dave, Denise, Ken and I drove to Leigh on October 1, 2011.  Ken parked the car and then we walked down to the high street.  It was another lovely warm day.

Ivan really wanted seafood for lunch.  We sat down inside at The Peter Boat since I wanted to try cockle chowder.  But, it was too expensive.  There’s an outside place selling seafood.  It was crowded outside the pub though.

We walked further along to The Crooked Billet.  Denise and Ken wanted to sit down inside.  I thought it smelled funny in the restaurant while Ivan thought it was stuffy.  Ivan said that we’d sit outside.  Ivan found  seats free at a table.  I saved the seats while Ivan ordered the food.

Ivan came back shortly with cockles, anchovies, prawns and mackerel. 


We’ve never had cockles before.  They’re really small and look like mussels.  The cockles tasted alright, but they were gritty with sand.  I don’t really like anchovies, but Ivan enjoyed them.  The prawns were real good.  The mackerel was seasoned with pepper and tasted wonderful.  Lil Dave munched on a banana since he’s not really into seafood.

Ivan went to see how Denise and Ken were.  They were almost done with their fish and chips.  Ivan grabbed more mackerel and crawfish.  The crawfish was also tasty. 

Denise and Ken joined us at the table. 

Next, we walked along the high street.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I had a rossi ice cream with a flake in it.  Ivan and Lil Dave really enjoyed the banana ice cream. 


I had chocolate ice cream which tasted alright.


There’s so many boats on the water.  I love walking around Old Leigh. 

We walked up towards the car.  Denise showed us a shop called Cook.  The shop creates meals and then freezes them.  Ivan and I checked out the frozen ready meals.  There was lots of good meals like Indian meals, pies and desserts.  We bought four meals. 

It was time to head to the car and drive back to the house.

Ivan and I used the internet.  Lil Dave took a monkey nap.  I worked on the blog.

Later on, Ivan and I had great fish curry (from the Cook shop) and naan bread.  Lil Dave had a banana soup with naan bread. 

We watched Dave’s One Night Stand.  Jack Whitehall from the tv show Fresh Meat was hosting.  He’s funny.  The other comedians David O’Doherty and Andrew Lawrence weren’t funny at all.  Another episode came on with Russell Kane as the host.  Carl Donnelly was really funny. 

We headed upstairs and used the internet.  Ivan thought we should go to bed early for once.

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