Burger Magic

On September 30, 2011, we had lunch at the house.  Ivan and I had quorn sticks, tofu, potato latkes, bread and salad.  Lil Dave had a banana salad and a banana soup.

Ivan and I headed into London late.  We walked around the West End.

It was time to get dinner.  We went to Byron for dinner.  It’s a gourmet burger restaurant which has been popping up around London.  Ivan got a veggie burger while I got a chicken burger.


We also shared some tasty fries.  Our burgers were just average.

We got the train to Warren Street.  It was now time to see close-up magic.  We entered The Magic Circle.  The Magic Circle is a British club that promotes and advances the art of magic.  Many famous magicians belong to the Magic Circle like David Copperfield.

Ivan and I love seeing magic.  Ivan does magic tricks sometimes.  The first half we saw magicians Will Houstoun and  Noel Qualter.  They were alright.  During the interval, we checked out the museum.  Chris Wood came on next, who was also average. Each magician messed up one trick.   Michael Vincent was the last magician.


He performed a few great card tricks.  He performed the 3 card monty.  It was good, but we would have liked to see something better since most people know how 3 card monty works. I wish Michael Vincent was on longer.  He’s really quite good to watch.  I can figure out some of the tricks.  Ivan can usually figure out most of them which is good.. so then he can explain them to me.

We got the train to Embankment.  Ivan and I wanted to get a drink at Gordon’s Wine Bar – but it was way too crowded for us to get a table.  So, we headed back to Southend by train.

Source: Michael Vincent photo

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