Prime Tea

Ivan, Lil Dave, Denise, Ken and I had lunch at the house on September 29, 2011.  Ivan and I had tuna and potato latkes.

It has been really warm in England lately.  We all decided to head to Leigh.  Ken drove us to Leigh which only a few minutes away.

We walked along the seafront.


We checked out a store which sold lots of cute things.  I couldn’t believe they had Golliwogs available to buy.  I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere in the USA.


There were lots of people on the beach chilling out and swimming.  Leigh is a lovely area to walk around in.

It was time for tea at Sara’s Tea Garden.


Ivan and I had English Breakfast tea with a scone.  The scone was quite tasty with the maple syrup on top.  Lil Dave enjoyed a banana juice with a banana.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I said bye to Denise and Ken.  We headed up to the train station.  It took us into London.

We walked around for awhile.  Ivan wanted to try out a Korean restaurant.  So, we sat down at Soju.  Ivan and I shared seafood onion jeon (similar to a pancake), tofu salad, kimchi and calimari BBQ.  Lil Dave had a banana jeon and banana BBQ.  It was a good meal.

We went to see the play Yes, Prime Minister.

A scene from Yes Prime Minister @ Aylesbury, Waterside Theatre
©Tristram Kenton 04/11
(3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550  Mob 07973 617 355)email:

The story is about the Prime Minister who has many problems facing him.  He thinks everything may be solved when an oil rich country Kumranistan offers a $10 trillion loan to build a pipeline that will go throughout Europe.  But, trouble arises when Kumranistan’s foreign secretary asks the Prime Minister’s secretary if they could provide him with an underage girl for sex.  The story is interesting.  It turned out to be a funny play.   Simon Williams, who plays Mr. Humphrey, acts wonderfully as the Cabinet Secretary.

Source: Yes, Prime Minister photo

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