Sponge Park

On September 28, 2011, Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at the house with Denise and Ken.  Lil Dave had a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Ivan and I had Thai soup, bagels and salad.

Ivan and I headed to London.

We went to BFI IMAX to see Jurassic Park.  It’s the biggest IMAX screen in Britain.  It’s so freaking HUGE!  The screen is 20 metres high (65.6 feet) and 26 metres wide (85.3 feet).


Jurassic Park is still a wonderful movie after 18 years.  There’s never a dull moment.  I love the story.  Lil Dave liked it, but he got scared during the movie.  He’s glad dinosaurs don’t exist now since they would probably try to eat him.

We walked around London trying to think of a place for dinner.  Ivan thought we should try out the Indian restaurant Mela.  Lil Dave had a banana curry with a banana poppadum.  Ivan and I shared paneer tikka and bhala papdi chaat for a starter. 


Our main courses were Goan fish curry and methi machi tikka (salmon).  The meal tasted great. 

We walked to Leicester Square Theatre.  Tonight, we were going to see Paul Zerdin: Sponge Fest.  Paul Zerdin is an awesome ventriloquist. 


He had three characters: naughty Sam, Sam’s grandfather Albert and the baby.  Sam makes fun of a guy in the audience.  The characters are so very funny.  Paul pulls out a couple from the audience.  The couple each put on a mask that goes over their mouth.  Paul controls each of their masks which mimics talking and makes them say silly things.  Paul is really talented and hilarious.  Go check him out if he’s ever comes to your city.

Source: Jurassic Park logo and Paul Zerdin photo

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