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Ivan, Jennifer and I checked out of the Alcatraz Hostel on October 19, 2009.  We stored our luggage in the storage area.  We took the train to Alexandraplatz.  We met up with the Fat Tire Bike Tours. Our guide was an Australian guy named Randall who was hilarious.


One of our stops was Checkpoint Charlie.  We also saw where Hitler’s bunker is located.  It’s actually a parking lot right now.  But, the bunker is still below.


There was the last watch tower in Berlin.  Of course, we saw the Berlin Wall.


They have a fence around it, so people don’t steal parts of the wall for a souvenir.  You can buy small chunks of the Berlin Wall in the souvenir shops on a postcard or alone.  Our guide was really informative and kept us laughing throughout the tour.

Berlin is very flat so it was easy biking around it.  Luckily, we had nice weather.

We stopped at a Beer Garden named Schleusenkrug.  I had a banana and chicken salad.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the tomato soup, roasted pumpkin salad and oyster mushrooms with tagliatelle.


The food was awesome!  Ivan and Jen each got a warm glass of red wine.

The tour went to many other places like the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.


The memorial contains 1217 blocks of different heights.  You could definitely get lost in there.  It would be a perfect place to play hide n’ seek.

Other places we saw were the Reichstag and the Victoria Column.


Our tour was supposed to only last 4 1/2 hours, but it actually ended up being 7 hours long!  We loved it though.  The hours just flew by.  This is our second tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours – our first one was London.


Randall was a great guide!  We had a fun time riding around Berlin and learning about its history.

We grabbed some bagels for dinner.  We got a train back to the hostel.  We retrieved our luggage.  We hung out there for a few hours.  We all used the internet.  It’s great that the hostel offers free internet for it’s guests.

We got a train to the train station.  We waited a couple minutes since the trains were running behind.  We got on a sleeper train headed for Amsterdam.  Our beds were at the top with three beds on each side.

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