A Movie and Balinese food

Ivan, Jennifer and I had lunch at Fusion Organics on September 14, 2009.  Ivan and Jennifer each had a sandwich with chicken and avocado.


I had a banana, mango and chicken sandwich.  The food was good, but it wasn’t a big portion.


Ivan and Jen watched Funny People.  I watched The Jungle Book on Jen’s iPod.  They thought the movie was interesting and a little funny.  We took a taxi back to the hostel.

We all used the internet for awhile.

We started walking towards town.  Ivan and Jen noticed a Balinese restaurant.  We sat down at Bayleaf Restaurant for dinner.  It was a nice restaurant with reasonable prices.  Ivan and Jen started off with a salad.  I had some banana pepes.


Ivan and Jen shared the fish with a lovely sauce and chicken pepes.  The food was great.  Ivan and Jen thought the fish was delicious.

We walked into town.  We stopped by at Gilligans, but nothing was going on there.  We walked to the Wool Shed.  There was an entrance fee of $5.  We didn’t really feel like going in so we walked back to the hostel.

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