A Movie and Shopping

Ivan, Jennifer and I slept in on August 1, 2009.  We had some food at a restaurant in Chinatown.  Ivan and Jen both had Singapore mee hoon with chicken.  I had the mee hoon with bananas.

We got a taxi to Times Square mall.  Ivan and Jennifer went shopping for clothes.  Jennifer had a facial.  Ivan and I shopped some more while Jen was getting her facial.

Ivan and Jennifer watched the movie The Taking of Pelham 123.  I watched Curious George on the iPod.  They really enjoyed the movie.  A girl let her phone ring three times and she picked it up once and started talking.  How rude can you be?  Jennifer told her to shut off her phone but she didn’t listen.

We walked to the internet cafe in the mall.  We all used the internet.  It was so loud in there.  There were three girls who kept playing stupid music and playing a dance game.  They were so loud.  Jennifer said shut up to them because it annoyed her.  I don’t think they understood because they kept making a racket.

We took a taxi back to the hotel.  We decided to have a cup of noodles for dinner.  Ivan and Jen each added mackerel in theirs and I added bananas.

Ivan and Jennifer wanted to hear some live music.  We got a taxi to Asian Heritage Row.  It was really empty there.  There was a place with live music but nobody was inside.

We got a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe.  The band there was playing rock music and didn’t sound too good.

We got a taxi to the Hilton Hotel.  Ivan read that the hotel had a good live band.  We went to the Zeta Bar.  The band was really good there.  The drinks were expensive, but good.  Ivan and Jennifer had different mojitos.


We all danced for a while.  We decided we would come back to see this live band again.

Ivan, Jennifer, and I checked out of the Swiss Inn on August 2, 2009.  We checked in to the D’Oriental Inn.  The rooms are nice and there’s free wi-fi in the rooms.

We walked to Nando’s for lunch.  Ivan and Jen started off with the Novo Pita.  I had the banana and chicken kebab.  Ivan had the Angry Mango Chicken Sandwich.


Jennifer had the grilled chicken with rice and fresco salad.  Ivan and Jen shared the couscous salad. The food was really good.

We went shopping again in Kuala Lumpur.

We got a taxi to the street where Frangipani is located.  There are lots of restaurants there.  We walked around to find a nice place.  Ivan thought the tapas restaurant called El Cerdito looked good.  We sat down outside.  Ivan and Jen ordered a Rose Raspberry Sangria.  They said it tasted pretty good.  I ordered a banana omelet, grilled bananas in a creamy sauce, and chicken and banana skewers.


Ivan and Jennifer shared a Spanish omelet, chicken skewers, roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms in garlic and olive oil, roasted eggplant stuffed with Spanish vegetables, and San Simon cheese and salmon fillet.  The food was really good.

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