Back to Ubud

Ivan, Jennifer and I packed everything up on July 24, 2009.  We checked out of Buddha Resort.

Ivan bought tuna and corn sandwiches for the boat.  I bought a chicken and banana sandwich.

We walked to the boat area.  I stepped on the boat with Ivan and Jennifer to find a good seat.  There wasn’t many people on the boat.  Some people decided to sit on the roof.  I don’t think that would be wise since we were riding a speed boat back to mainland Bali.

We got free water, a pear (I got a banana since I’m a monkey.. how nice!) and a soda if we wanted it.  The ride was bumpy.  Jennifer and I wanted to sleep, but it was a bit bumpy.  Jennifer gets a bit seasick.  Ivan was reading his book.  Jennifer finally closed her eyes for awhile.  Then, the boat ride got really bumpy.  Ivan couldn’t eat since there were too many big waves.  We finally landed on Bali.  The boat ride was 2 hours and 15 minutes.

It was good to be on land again.  Jennifer felt a bit nauseous, but thankfully didn’t throw up.  We got a car going towards Ubud. The trip was a short hour long ride.

The car dropped us off at the top of Monkey Forest Road.  Jennifer went to get a wax.  It was cheap for only $5 for upper lip and eyebrow.  Although, it wasn’t good because she got burned from the wax.  Ivan and I went to find a place to stay.

We checked in to Jeti 3 Bungalows nearby.  It was a double room with A/C for 200,000 IDR ($20).  We put our backpacks inside the room.

Ivan rented a motorbike from a man at the bungalows.

I was set to meet my monkey friends at 6 pm.  I decided to go surprise them early at the Monkey Forest.  I couldn’t wait to see them!

Ivan and Jen drove to Bali Botanica Spa.  Unfortunately, it was all booked up there.  They drove to Sedona Spa.  Sedona isn’t listed in Tripadvisor like Bali Botanica, so it’s not as popular.  But, the surroundings are really nice, the staff are friendly and the spa offers reasonably priced services.  They signed up for a Seawood Sensational package.  It’s a massage then a seaweed scrub.  Next, they put a seawood cream on top.

The massage was really relaxing.  After the scrub and cream, Ivan and Jennifer showered.  Then, they sat in the flower bath.


They were served fresh fruit and ginger tea.  This package cost $15 per person.  What a bargain!

Ivan and Jennifer drove around the town.  They were happy to be back in artsy Ubud.

I had a good day with the monkeys.  They were so excited to see me! There was lots of preparations going on for the party tonight.  Wow, all for little ol’ monkey me!   We played in the forest.  I heard that there was a Monkey Race happening on July 27th.  I started training for it.  I signed up for the race.  I hope I do good because the grand prize is a month’s supply of bananas!  I could certainly use that – but I might eat it all in one week!  That night, there was a big party for my Homecoming.  There was an abundance of food like watermelon, Nasi Goreng with Bananas, banana soup, bananas, papayas, bananas, banana wine and good banana desserts.  It was awesome!  There was a dance going on called the Monkey Dance.  The other monkeys were showing me the moves to the dance.

Ivan and Jennifer went to Pizza Bagus for dinner.  They were both really hungry.  Ivan and Jennifer ordered a tomato and a mushroom soup.  Jennifer liked the tomato soup better.  Ivan ordered a pizza with tomato, mozzarella, tuna fish, onion and oregano.  Jennifer got a pizza with tomato, mozzarella, egg plant, basil and Parmesan and she added artichoke to it.


The pizza took awhile to come.  The pizzas tasted alright.  Jennifer’s was a lot better than Ivan’s.

Ivan, Jennifer, and I checked out of Jeti 3 Bungalows on July 25, 2009.  Ivan found out that there was a cancellation at Honeymoon Guesthouse.  He booked it for three nights.  Ivan and Jennifer were happy about that.  They really do have great surroundings, awesome breakfast, and friendly staff.  The rooms are great as well.  I love how they put flowers on the bed and in the bathroom.

We checked in to the Honeymoon Guesthouse.

I went to the Monkey Forest to train more.  I had to practice my monkey skills moving around the trees.  There were really fast monkeys practicing.  My chances seemed a bit slim.  The prize was still motivating me to win though.  I think I’m a bit out of shape though.

Ivan and Jennifer went to Kafe for lunch.  They shared the tasty spiced pumpkin soup.


Ivan got a grilled tofu pita which was the special of the day.  Jennifer got a Pesto Chicken Sandwich on multi-grain bread.  The food was alright.

Ivan and Jennifer drove around town.  They went shopping for souvenirs.

I had a nice dinner with the monkeys.  It was great being with them.  They really treat me like family.  Balinese monkeys are very gracious hosts.  The food is always good with lots of bananas, fruits, and tasty banana desserts.

Ivan and Jennifer went to Nomad for dinner.  It’s their favorite place in Ubud.  They shared three tapas – chicken sisit, grilled fish pepes, and chicken satay.


Ivan ordered the tuna steak while Jennifer got the pumpkin ravioli.  They enjoyed their meal with a bottle of Hatten Rose.

Ivan and Jen wanted to hear some live music.  Ivan drove them to the Jazz Cafe.  There was a good band playing called the Bali Blues Brothers.  The band played lots of great songs like Roadhouse Blues by The Doors, I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles, and I Feel Good.  They started playing blues towards the end.  Some people were dancing.  One older guy was really good at dancing.  You can see him wearing a vest and rocking out in the picture.


Ivan and Jen decided to call it a night and head back.

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