Shopping in Surabaya

Ivan, Jennifer and I woke up around 10 am on June 25, 2009.  Lupe’s husband had to go to work.  We got a taxi to the mall.  Ivan lost his camera – so he wanted to buy a new one.  We had lunch at a Malaysian restaurant in the mall’s food court.

Ivan and Jenifer went to see the movie Drag Me to Hell.  I watched some tv shows on Jen’s. iPod.  They thought the movie was decent.

We went shopping for awhile.  Lupe picked us up from the mall after work.  We went back to her house.  We grabbed our backpacks and placed them in the car.  Lupe and her husband drove us to Hotel Equator nearby.  We checked in there.  It’s a nice hotel with cottages. There was a separate room for a living area and a big bathroom.

We ordered Room Service.  DSC08350

Ivan got the tuna steak.  Jennifer got a tuna sandwich. I ordered some bread and I added bananas and peanut butter to it. The food was good.

Ivan used the internet.  Jennifer and I watched tv.

Jennifer’s stomach wasn’t feeling good.  Ivan went out with Lupe and her friends to Loop Bar.  Ivan chatted with them for awhile.  He had a beer and came back to the hotel.  I went to sleep early.  Jennifer used the internet and watched tv.

Ivan, Jennifer and I slept in on June 26, 2009.  We had the free breakfast buffet at the hotel. 


I was happy that they had banana bread available. 


We decided to stay another night at Hotel Equator since Malang was still sold out.  A doctor even was being held in Malang that weekend, so it’s been sold out everywhere.

Jennifer went back to sleep.  Ivan used the internet.  I watched some tv. 

We went shopping at the mall. Ivan still needed to buy a camera.  Jennifer is thinking about getting an Eee PC.  We went to the High Tech mall and couldn’t find anything good. 

Next, we went to the Supermal.  The mall is very small for a name like Supermal.  An NBA event was happening when we were there.  We couldn’t find a big camera shop.  Jennifer forget her money belt at the hotel.  Ivan went to get money and his card wasn’t working – so he couldn’t buy a camera if he did find anything.  We took a taxi back home.  We didn’t have enough money.  Jennifer did have money at the hotel.  The Front Desk lent us some money to pay for the taxi.  Jennifer gave Ivan money to pay back the money we borrowed.


We got a taxi to the Town Square Plaza mall.  It’s a very modern mall.  We went to the Shabu Shabu House for dinner.  I had a nice chicken and banana teriyaki with rice.  Ivan and Jennifer shared the chicken shabu shabu.  They thought it tasted alright.

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